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  1. Lmao ain’t that the sad truth
  2. Jets have 0 chance of beating Baltimore
  3. Fatcessa 1000% right on this one time to dump Adams to the highest sucker
  4. Lol absolutely not ship this dude out in March
  5. I will say this, I’ve never seen a Jet team score on the first drive let alone in 4 straight games
  6. Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the mouth weve been punched in the mouth
  7. schottenheimer was and is terrible its Wilson bailing him out all the time that makes him look competent...they also have a baller running game
  8. Box Safeties make no difference in todays NFL Ship him to the highest bidder
  9. Jamal will never be Troy P stop all that nonsense now
  10. His obligatory 1 big game a year You trade him for a first and run
  11. Are you saying coaching has nothing to do with oline play?
  12. This guys celebrating beating a 2-7 to bring the winning team to..2-7 you can’t make this sh*t up
  13. Jamal is still talking as you read this post
  14. Giants no question At the very least shurmur is developing butterfingers Jones
  15. Josh Allen and Chase Young setting the edge for the Jets for the next 6 years
  16. imagine we could've had Josh Allen and Chase Young on each edge for the next 10 yrs
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