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  1. He's lived up to the expectations I have for any usc nfl draft pick. zero point zero
  2. You're just plain wrong the hunter green color was atrocious
  3. Uniforms look great I was there in my black bell that's the least of the problems
  4. The nfl has to consider taking the jets away from the Johnson's like they did the raiders with al Davis that's the only hope for the foreseeable future
  5. I like the idea of the John Chaney goon tactic to break Brady's leg instead because frankly we have no chance of winning if we played them twenty times theres your futile and petty gesture
  6. It takes a while to get through the 5 stages. With Sanchez it seemed to take forever but it eventually will happen
  7. After the last ten or so years better believe it
  8. That's a relief that gives them as pass for sh*tting the bed and blowing a 16-0 lead in the only game we'll have a chance to win until Halloween
  9. This guy is not the answer just like Sanchez and geno weren't the answer. Let's hope that becomes obvious sooner rather than later so we can be in the running for Trevor Lawrence
  10. If they kicked the living sh*t out of Brady and sent him to the hospital that would be a reason to watch
  11. Future meaning as long as it takes their current ownership to sell or die
  12. That show is unlistenable. You'd think Darnold would be humiliated enough to just stay out of the media
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