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  1. It’s a QB and by stats a top 5 QB. Tunsil adams and Ramsey were 2 first round picks each. Your looking at 3 to 4 first round picks and he will probably want his contract redone
  2. He did Pittman was wide open rivers missed the throw. End of story
  3. Yet I’m defending frank reich
  4. This is the playoff more pressure and he was 12 for 13 from 30-39 and he shanked one so your argument is bad. The one miss he had was week 1 so he was 12 for 12 coming into the game? Always that chance all I’m saying. And I’m defending frank reich who is the COLTS hc
  5. here’s one with the ball on the 5 yard line. And there was a block today in Washington on a extra point so anything can happen my guy
  6. So you just assume he makes every kick? Cause he shanked a quote unquote gimme today
  7. Was Pittman open on 4th down? The colts were averaging 5 yards a carry at the time he called for the 2pt conversion and only need 1
  8. Reich is the OC and he called a hell of a game this comment is cap. Should’ve could’ve would’ve talk go sit with sar
  9. Who knows in your eyes josh wasn’t a real QB till a playoff win. How many has Lamar won? Allen played lights out almost 400 yards can’t doubt this man
  10. Lance has the most potential out of all the QBs. Keep darnold for the year and let lance sit and develop. But jets need the rights coaches for it to work
  11. Ed Oliver is solid and it’s only yr 2 Quinnen hasn’t proved anything yet.
  12. Heard that about Allen and Jackson. You don’t know until you know
  13. So if they do a lottery you’d be ok everyone will be ok with the jets go 1-15 then lose the #1 pick to a team that goes 4-12? I think not. Do this for a second if we lose out on TLaw. Name 3 QBs in the NFL right now you’d start your franchise with. Which ones are 1st overall pick? Crazy ain’t it
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