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  1. Well if we watched everytime we blitzed Josh escaped and burnt the jets everytime. So they rushed four to keep allen in the pocket and the difference is josh is making throws this year so far. And it was one throw and josh scrambled. darnold in a clean pocket threw a ball to hogan that was five yards behind him and was just as high as Allen's pass.
  2. Fans just get jealous man if darnold did that everyone on this board would be jumping up and down. 417 missing 11 passes 4 TDs that was a game to see. It's crazy to see everytime he breaks the first sack
  3. Did Hackenberg throw for 417 yards and 4 TDs or did he lead the whole NFL in passing yards thru 2 weeks? Nah didn't think so as jets fans we gotta admit Allen is looking really good. idc who you play he wasn't doing it last year but he is this year growth and progression
  4. We just played the 9ers second string and what did darnold do? Credit for Josh he was throwing dots and dimes 400 yards today 4 TDs no TOs man today sucks to be a jets fan
  5. But would you rather try to pin them back at the 15 20 or give them the ball at 50. It was a bad play by a quarterback who should know it's a bad play. The sack on the sideline again come on. Yes you can say no impact on this game but what about other games.
  6. Qbs have bad games yes. But you want to see improvement look at Allen and Lamar from year one to now
  7. No darnold was missing by a lot and. put him on the bills no he doesn't run like allen or escape like allen and idk If he is a better thrower then allen anymore
  8. He is built like Cam but it seems Allen doesn't know when to go down and it costs him a lot. But Josh looked like a beast quick passes escaped well and was throwing dots
  9. But they still have another 4th 5th and 6th in this draft. they stockpiled picks to make a move like this
  10. Because you know how good they will be? Will they hit pick 22? Name all 10 that you would take over diggs? Diggs is a safe bet bills didnt have enough roster spots for all the picks they had wasnt a bad trade. If anyone says they could of got d hop for that price no texans weren't gonna trade in conference he was nfc bound only.
  11. Key word "prospect" at 22 could of been a miss for them. So they took the safe bet
  12. Do we know the draft is loaded at wr cause they got a number 1. If you dont think watch Diggs play. The bills didnt have enough roster spots for the picks so they had to make a deal
  13. Buddy let this sink in 13 points againat backups and third stringers. Bell Anderson Crowder are all starters on other teams so sorry to tell you that

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