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  1. But they still have another 4th 5th and 6th in this draft. they stockpiled picks to make a move like this
  2. Because you know how good they will be? Will they hit pick 22? Name all 10 that you would take over diggs? Diggs is a safe bet bills didnt have enough roster spots for all the picks they had wasnt a bad trade. If anyone says they could of got d hop for that price no texans weren't gonna trade in conference he was nfc bound only.
  3. Key word "prospect" at 22 could of been a miss for them. So they took the safe bet
  4. Do we know the draft is loaded at wr cause they got a number 1. If you dont think watch Diggs play. The bills didnt have enough roster spots for the picks so they had to make a deal
  5. Buddy let this sink in 13 points againat backups and third stringers. Bell Anderson Crowder are all starters on other teams so sorry to tell you that
  6. Bosa deebo then free agency they added coleman kwon alexander traded for dee ford then in season Emmanuel sanders.
  7. But it just wasn't injures look at the amount of talent they brought in from the draft and free agency. San Fran had a lack of talent last year in my opinion to compete in the nfc last year
  8. How would you know? Or is this just make believe cause it didnt happen
  9. You're name calling. Seems you are the one that is upset. Go take a seat this game kid plenty of room on the IR left
  10. Again my guy im laughing and the name calling a little childish
  11. Again its fine. How big is the drought now for the jets now since that missed the playoffs now cause its getting up there? . What were your scores against NE and Baltimore this year the top teams in the afc?
  12. Hahaha when you dont know things you bring up old stuff. its funny to me. keep up with relevancy. i was two when that was going on. Whats going on in 2019
  13. Well jamal adams is on your team and want off. Josh Allen is the guy you pasted on and drated qw who is Leonard Williams. Funny you dont know the players on your team but claim you know football? Haha this is funny
  14. Well if that happens at least ill see Jamal Adam getting pro bowls in Dallas getting pro bowls Watching Josh Allen in Jax getting 10+ sacks season And jets fans complain about Leonard Williams 2.0 in QW

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