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  1. How bout a gameplan to use him as complete receiver. Not just a guy that runs deep routes and screens like in zona. Josh Allen went from 52 percent completion percentage last year to 62 percent passer mediocre is darnold. Yes allen hasn't passed for 300 but he goes for 250 260 through the air and 40 to 50 on the ground. Josh Allen has improved by leaps this year. Sorry you just can't understand passing yards arent the only stat for a qb
  2. And i agree if we get that from him then picking him third would be justified. having a guy anchoring the line is very important for a stout defense
  3. He is not a pass rusher. At bama he was just stronger then everyone guys like q williams become stuffers in the leauge just like Leonard Williams. Which we all hated but comparing the tape and stats i personally see no difference. Oliver undersized yes but pure explosion off the line he is starting to round his technique out so he doesn't get swallowed up by big lineman scary dude
  4. But its unfair quinnen is a run stuffer. oliver is all round can give you both
  5. Damn ed oliver is becoming a beast on thanksgiving he ripped the guard and got a strip sack. Then made all-pro travis frederick his b**** on a bull rush
  6. Let me ask you on development who do you give the nod to so far Josh Allen or Sam Darnold?
  7. But John Brown is on track for career highs in catches,yards, and touchdowns. Same with Cole Beasley
  8. How is accuracy measured in your eyes? I just wanna know
  9. It is McDermott and Beane they are buliding something scary. They have cap. They have been drafting very well the players are praising the atmosphere and Josh Allen has been dare i say it trending towards a franchise qb getting better and better every week
  10. I asked sar this question he just said some bs ill ask you both teams fully healthy bills jets Qbs i see as equal HB jets win Wr i go bills TE is a wash OL Bills DL Bills Lbs Bills CBs Bills Safteys Bills HC BILLS FRONT OFFICE BILLS Do you agree of disagree and explain how the bills ans jets would have the same record like sar says
  11. You just cant see it we lost to the bengals man we lost to the dolphins there rosters even with our injuries are worse then ours. Our coach stinks. greg williams hates gase we dont spend our cap right. Yes we got flashy toys the big names. But we didnt fix the oline the cbs were trash last year so that wasnt going to change this year no pass rush. Through the year our team looks dead no spirit we are in for a long haul my friend
  12. Explain how they are the same Qbs i see as equal HB jets win Wr i go bills TE is a wash OL Bills DL Bills Lbs Bills CBs Bills Safteys Bills HC BILLS FRONT OFFICE BILLS Explain how we are the same as the bills this year?
  13. Hahaha you are funny we can't beat the bengals and dolphins two teams you laughed at the bills for barely beating them and fatal blow i dont see it the bills have a tiebreaker with indy and Tennessee so i think 9-7 gets them in anyways
  14. In American and Canadian gridiron football, pass interference (PI) is a foul that occurs when a player interferes with an eligible receiver's ability to make a fair attempt to catch a forward pass. Pass interference may include tripping, pushing, pulling, or cutting in front of the receiver. If he turned his head it would of been no call simple its how they've been calling it

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