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  1. Im going off the fact you cant hace two big spending sprees with the contracts you have coming up and players you will need to retain in the future. People just think you cut a couple guys go big game hunting every year don't you think every team would be doing that
  2. Rebuttal coming experts predict during the offseason and preseason which really means nothing except to late round picks and ufdas and camp bodies. Yes we are paper warriors you look at our roster and see 9-7. till the product goes on the field sam darnold might help the oline didnt help it week one. did he have mono that day maybe or maybe not we will never truly know the only other qb to play with mono could not finish a quarter of football. But we have no pass rush no secondary no lbs behind mosley safties that are on and off a unproven kicker and terrible head coach that looks messed up on the sidelines please tell me how we rattle off these wins you speak off?
  3. The difference is you're being crazy we are going to be 0-6 and will not beat Baltimore with this offensive line the titans will be a tough game. We gotta go up to buffalo and that defense is a top 2 defense maybe even the best in the league. Take the glasses off you need to see the real picture we have way to many holes on this team and darnold is not manning not brady not rodgers not mahomes. Which are qbs that can cover up this many problems that the jets have on this roster
  4. You go off scoring machine in the preseason where the only ones really playing are late rd picked udfas and camp bodies. Our defense is only playoff caliber if darnold plays like a mahomes shootouts to win games. Coming off mono fatigue loss of weight my guy take the homer glasses off and really look at the situation i will root for the team but you gotta be realistic
  5. Yes they are the oline won't magically get better the cornerbacks won't magically get better. Darnold is coming back from mono he has lost weight fatigue will a issue. You act like when darnold comes in he magically will play like mahomes
  6. We are gonna be 0-6 none of these teams are 0-6
  7. We signed a coach whos claim to fame is Peyton Mannings "OC". Why doesnt McDaniels take a HC Job because when he did he flamed out just like Gase. As for greg williams cancerous guy like todd haley medicore coach on the Defensive side. We messed up in the offseason big game hunting doesnt work in the nfl you fill needs oline and cornerbacks were our needs and we fcked it all up. This is how a franchise can set it self back for years
  8. We talk about allen as of darnold isn't turnover prone now you actually have to watch allen this year he is not a one read qb against us the second half he was looking through his progressions. and besides mahomes on the run josh allen is the best throwing on the run. Everybody is comparing him to a pocket passer its year 2 for both darnold and allen. Russell Wilson said it was year 3 when it clicked bress said it was year 5 time will tell if it does for darnold and allen
  9. A gift week one i think we were given 4 gifts and got 8 points the bills franchise on a up swing our franchise on a down swing allen is at 64% completion percentage massive boost from last year. Yes he was inaccurate but name one receiver at wyoming. then he gets the worst receiving core and oline with buffalo. That stuff matters
  10. I got W against titans skins and eagles the most over rated team in the nfl
  11. Doesnt matter the bills dont have to beat the pats they got dolphins 2x titans eagles(highly over rated) us again steelers redskins broncos browns and maybe a suprise win against cowboys dallas baltimore maybe a split with the pats. The teams they beat they should of won.10-6 11-5 could happen for them
  12. So you thought allen was gonna keep getting better week by week while our quarterback doesnt like throwing over 4 yards a pass? The knock on allen was the intermediate game he tourched us with it and the giants im sorry the dude has a chance to be the real deal no weapons at wyoming and none the first year with the bills. But now he looks good and getting better with the talent around him
  13. Agreed with that but as football fans not just a jets fan. He drove the ball up and down the field pretty much the whole game just turned it over at bad times. Im just being honest
  14. Be honest flukey turnovers besides the fumble a batted pass and bad catch by cole Beasley we would be defending darnold if he had the same turnovers. And the touchdown was a good throw he put it there for his recevier to make a play. wish darnold did that for robbie

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