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  1. Redskins have been itching to get rid of Gruden, but given all the crap that has happened to them, he's managed to not descend into a tire fire. He'll be the one to go first.
  2. Yeah, Fireman Ed keeps a lot of people going to the games even in the bad times.
  3. There has never been a head coach in the NFL that was fired and hired as a head coach in the same offseason that had success with the 2nd team. Many coaches say that they need the time back as a coordinator to reflect, refresh their schemes and connect with coaches so they can put together a better staff. Maybe Gase ends up being the exception, but it seems really unlikely.
  4. This isn't a Jets fan at all! It's pats fan dressed up as a Jets fan causing a viral video to embarrass Jets fans! Tricky bastards they are.
  5. if the offense struggles to get positive yardage...you can sign all the corners you want..you're still gonna lose.
  6. Seriously? Have we learned nothing about trying to acquire players from the Vikings?
  7. No, no, it was actually genius! Chris is genius for waiting to get rid of him! It's way smarter than firing him after the season like everyone else!
  8. but they would get that extra week and possibly another week by going to 17 games not to mention the actual stadium related revenue..
  9. ummm..that seems to be this forum in a nutshell. Breath a word even close to criticizing Gase and the "crew" tells you how it's all fans fault that they're not performing up to expectations.
  10. I didn't say that..at all as I've said mayfield isn't good and overrated even when people were fawning over his performance last season, but I assume you were more interested in making some point so I'm glad I could help.
  11. Wow, now you're referring to yourself as "We're". You're losing what little grip you had left.
  12. Rex doesn't know what makes a good QB. He couldn't identify a guy that will be a good QB if his life depended on it. He can tell you how to beat a QB, good or bad though.
  13. It is a really underrated decision to keep Pettine on as defensive coordinator. Shows a coach that isn't afraid his authority is going to be challenged. Also a wise move to improve their defense knowing their offense would be semi-competent. They had a lot more knowledge of what they needed to add to the defense than they did the offense.
  14. I don't think Allen will be very good, but he's over 64% so not sure that statement is...accurate Seems more like bad decisions than an accuracy issue
  15. Asking a question to put off an answer that makes you look foolish is no way to go through life, son.
  16. Remember when Sam said the same thing after some good pre-season showings? Yea
  17. 1:50 to go and down by 16...we must be in for a real epic ending..
  18. Redskins offense has outscore the Jets offense this week
  19. I think this guy would have gone undrafted if it wasn't for Macc

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