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  1. With the exception of '98, '09 and '10, not much has changed since we won SB III. We suck, and will continue to suck until there's a wholesale purge, including ownership.
  2. Most enjoyable win was SB III vs the Colts. Everything else pales in comparison.
  3. If it hadn't been for that PI penalty, we'd have lost. This was a lucky win, not an earned win. While a win may be a win, the team's play was absolutely awful, and certainly provides nothing on which to build in any way whatsoever.
  4. Hot news flash ... we're gonna lose because we don't deserve to win.
  5. "Loving the ball?" Please tell me you're smoking the high quality stuff. 😉
  6. 4th and 1 in a 4 point game with a sh*tty OL and that schmuck Gase goes for it instead of a chip shot FG. I just don't know what to say anymore. Anybody who thinks this moron is an "offensive guru" must be smoking something, and I'd like some of it.
  7. No difference. Clueless ownership in either scenario, and we'd be in the same position as we are currently.
  8. Ryan was the real heir apparent to Joe, notwithstanding his back up status. A very good QB who should have had much more success than this team would allow. Glad to read that he's doing well.
  9. I'm just waiting for another pass play on 2nd and 1. It's gonna be another long day ... I just may take a nap rather than yell at the tv.

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