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  1. Brady couldn't handle NY ... nobody here would kiss his rings or his butt like he's used to getting in NE. He'd be ripped a new one in exhibition season, and his ginormous ego wouldn't be able to handle it.
  2. Meanwhile, we're stuck with the idiot we have now. To say that this team is snakebit is a gross understatement.
  3. MY biggest regret is having the Johnson idiots as owners of this team.
  4. If Gase stays, then Bell will be relegated to a minor role since his salary is guaranteed for 2020. I'd rather keep Bell as a major part of the offense and get rid of Gase, but the two moron brothers who own the team likely won't let that happen.
  5. Joe Namath injuring his knee badly in a 1971 exhibition game against the Detroit Lions attempting to tackle a runner. I was 10 years old and remember feeling my stomach drop and the nausea increase as I saw him go down. He was out for the entire season. It's been downhill mostly since then.
  6. If the content of the article is true, then Gase is a sh*thead. If it's untrue, then he's still a sh*thead.
  7. I'd love to see Gase go, but Coughlin isn't the answer.
  8. I want Gase gone yesterday ... but, this is a bit over the top, and lacks any semblance of class.
  9. At least I got one Sunday where my voice didn't become hoarse from yelling at the tv.
  10. Unfortunately, we still have Gase and the frick and frack Johnson brothers. Until those things change, our future remains bleak.
  11. Fire Gase, hire a real HC, sell the team to an Owner who cares and has a clue, draft well, get rid of non-productive players, replace the training staff. Just a few things.
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