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  1. I would hardly call the win over the Cowboys "solid." We almost lost it in the 4th quarter and won by a mere two points. I think that was a lucky win, not a solid one.
  2. I question whether you were a real Jets fan in the first place. Most Jets fans consist of either: (a) those, like me, who can't help themselves and who have continued to root for and be disappointed by them routinely; or (b) those who've simply had enough of the traditional sh*t show and just walk away from football altogether. It is a rare bird that switches teams, particularly within a division. So, unless you are that rarity of rarities, it's obvious that you never had the perennial, masochistic streak that is the hallmark of a true Jets fan.
  3. Don't you tell me to stop watching! I've been watching the Jets for 51 years ... what I forgot about them you'll never know.
  4. Not just from a press conference, at which, he repeated almost verbatim, the things I predicted he would say. Look, he wasn't all that in college, and he keeps making the same mistakes here. I just don't think he's got what it takes, from a raw talent perspective, to be the kind of QB that most everyone expects him to be in this environment.
  5. I have been in the minority who has steadfastly refused to annoint him our savior. I still don't think he is, and last night didn't help his cause, at least with me.
  6. Yes, but it's the same old thing ... "We've got to get better. We've got to stop making mistakes." I think Sam is a nice kid, and he may even turn out to be a decent QB one day, but he ain't the guy who's gonna lead us to the promised land. It just isn't gonna happen with him because he doesn't have the innate talent or smarts for it. That was obvious in his college days, and is even more pronounced here.
  7. Look ... Gase has to go, NOW ... TODAY!!! It's just that simple and, please ... don't go on about how he was handed a bad team by Mac, blah, blah, blah. He sucked in Miami, and he sucks even worse here. Gase is absolutely incapable of being creative or thinking quickly as situations develop. Make GW the interim HC, see whether he can do anything positive, and then figure out the future in the off-season.
  8. The worst part was that most all of us were dumb enough to watch that sh*t show, like we do every week, and hope for a different result. That's the definition of Jet-insanity.
  9. What the heck are they rebuilding? That's analagous to a "developing country." This is not a rebuild ... to do that, you need a foundation. We have none.
  10. The late Meadowlark Lemon could play better on a football field than any of the prizes we have as players currently.
  11. "Agreed... This is simply a team that wears a green uniform I fell in love with." It's not even the same uniform. At least that was something I could hold onto and reminisce about the glory days of Broadway Joe. Instead, they've given us these awful uniforms which have no connection to anything that even remotely resembles something familiar. The Johnsons have, essentially, provided us with players and coaches comprised of major league sh*theads, and have attempted to cover up the stench with new uniforms.
  12. Well ... can you blame him? How many more years do we have to endure bad ownership, bad management, bad coaching, bad players, and being a laughingstock of the league? For many of us, the green and white is ingrained in our DNA, and we can't turn away from the multi-car accident happening routinely in front of us. However, there are many who have endured this sh*tshow for too long, and just can't take it anymore. Quite frankly, I give them credit for having stayed around for so long. It appears that he has overcome the innate masochism which is the lot of a Jets fan and, for that, I applaud his courage. As for me, I'll be sitting in front of the TV again next week, screaming and yelling at the inept morons on the field who have the word "Jets" on the side of their helmets, as they are beaten handily by Jacksonville.
  13. I still don't think he's the guy. Many of us are so desperate for a savior, that we'll buy into most anyone who's presented to us. Shades of Ken O'Brien, Richard Todd, and Chad Pennington. I've been there and done that. No more. Until this team learns how to draft, including getting a QB who shows some rudimentary semblance of understanding the game, then I refuse to drink the Gang Green Kool Aid anymore. I've had 51 years of this same song and dance, and I'm tired of it. I think many here may feel similarly.

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