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  1. Joe Namath Matt Snell Emerson Boozer Don Maynard George Sauer Winston Hill Gerry Philbin Al Atkinson Randy Beverly Jim Turner Nobody on the current roster even comes close, IMHO. 😉
  2. "This doesn't feel like a reverse cowgirl to me!"
  3. What he did was criminal. He should be banned, fined, and prosecuted. If the NFL let's him play ever again, then it sends the message that almost killing somebody on the field will allow the perpetrator to continue playing at some point in the future. That's not a strong deterrent.
  4. The stunted intellect speaks ... and, he continues to repeat himself like a skipping record. Sad!
  5. Speaking of oneself in the third-person is indicative of a stunted intellect, psychotic personality disorder, and rampant egoism. That's not surprising in this instance.
  6. Sez you ... you're meaningless. And, who died and left you in charge of determining who's welcome? Answer ... nobody!
  7. It's not my problem that you don't know how to spend your money wisely. No worries, though, since there's an exception in my plan for you only since the it applies solely to real Jets fans ... you don't qualify as one.
  8. Now that frick and frack Johnson have made this announcement, it seems to me that a total, organized fan boycott is in order ... I mean TOTAL! No season tickets, no going to games, no buying merchandise, and engaging in picket line type protests. It won't look good for tweedle dee and tweedle dum on tv if Met Life is virtully empty and/or is filled with fans of the opposing team. I don't know if any of this is possible in reality, and I know that any loss of money is meaningless to Goofus and Galant, but if we don't do something meaningful to take a stand (instead of chartering a plane), then we're just as culpable as dillwad and dillhole by helping to perpetuate the fraud that is this football "team." ,
  9. Nah ... he's already blown his w*d with the real fan base. He's toast.
  10. Realizing that a big reason as to WHY you're 2-7 is sh*tty players and an even sh*ttier coaching staff.
  11. Well, taking joy in beating the vagiants is fine. My issue is that one game, which might have been lost quite easily (in true, Jetsian fashion), does not a season make, particularly at this sad point.
  12. Oh, boy! The defense finally stepped up to the plate in the second half. Wow! So, a celebration is justified because they decided to do the job they're paid to do in the first place? I don't think so. We got lucky ... this time.
  13. The plane worked ... TODAY! However, Gase and his lousy assistant coaches just need to go. Nobody on that staff, except maybe for GW, knows sh*t from shinola about football. For example, did you see the two bad challenges which lost us 2 TO's in just 11 seconds? Unbelievably stupid!
  14. Being 2-7 at this point in the season is nothing to really celebrate. Gase knows it and the team knows it. We got lucky today, that's all.
  15. They're awful! The Jets were hardly recognizable in those things. Terrible uniforms, regardless of variation ... they look like the arena league.
  16. We couldn't beat Miami when they had zero wins ... why would anyone think we could beat the Giants, who have 2 wins? I think it'll be the SOJ, unfortunately.
  17. We couldn't beat Miami when they had zero wins ... why would anyone think we could beat the Giants, who have 2 wins? I think it'll be the SOJ, unfortunately.

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