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  1. I would of actually went if tickets dropped below face, they we 70+ all week even for the nose bleeds
  2. I wonder if 9-7 would be enough for the wildcard this year... I can see us making a late season run with everybody being healthy late
  3. Rather have a young potential franchise QB then an older Russian roulette of a QB. I'm guessing this an Ironic thread, but im glad to play along
  4. Spoke highly of Darnold throughout though
  5. Makes the week that much easier sometimes, for some reason NJ/NYC is full of Cowboys fans...
  6. Huge team win today amazing to see the other two sides of the team show up today
  7. What a game on both sides of the ball! 12-4 Here we come 😂
  8. It's a lost season so it's easier to switch out the O-Line
  9. All things considered, Bell may have a 1k season on his hands.
  10. Misery loves company I guess... I never had a problem with Baker, loved his style of play in college, never wanted him to be a Jet though.
  11. I feel like we won't feel his effect on the team till another couple years; ( EAGLES, SEAHAWKS) being prime examples
  12. Still remember this day... Tough loss on my b-day but we turned it around throughout the season

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