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  1. I would agree with you but BB is on the other sideline and he knows Jackson is a sub par passer and he will sell out to stop the run. Mark my words Ravens lose by 17 at home and get shown for the frauds they are. Lamar Jackson is a RB pretending be a QB. Why can’t we get a coach like BB just ONCE!! Please..
  2. The dolphins lack talent right now, they are getting closer and closer to a win. They grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory against Buffalo and didn’t have the horses to run Flores D last night. Next year with all the draft capital they had they will be better than the Jets IF things stay the same here and Darnold keeps regressing.
  3. Right now Darnold footwork looks like a fade-away jump shot.. I don’t know if he’s afraid of being hit or what but he looks awful out there in his throwing technique. Which begs WHY ISNT GASE FIXING IT? And if he has tried and he refuses.. bench him not like we are going anywhere this year.
  4. They will probably get a 3rd back if they don’t resign him and end up losing position only in that round the. It’s just a 5th in 2021.. if he does well and they resign him Jets get a 4th in 2021 so let’s hope he is gangbusters and puts up pretty stats so they resign him

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