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  1. Trade both find that talent in the 4th round. Both aren't game wreckers in the form of Dawkins Polumalo Reed Sanders etc
  2. Jamal such a sensative b. He got oitran by Alex freaking Smith.
  3. Interceptions are better than sacks. I'd rather have made in than this self announced loud mouth loser of an all pro safety. Your record says who you are. Jamal and the jets been sucking.
  4. Need to replace all the olinemene and wrs. Crowder always gets nicked up easily. Robbie nut in the police officers wife's eyes Anderson is a one trick pony. Enumwa is always injured. Demarius is old on last legs and besides that we have nothing.
  5. Trading him is tge only way. The jets signing free agents hasn't paid off recently. Draft and develope. Jamal is going to want lots of money. He's a loudmouth and diva. He thinks he's a hall of fame talent. Sorry Hall of famers lead their teams to the playoffs. What's his record with us with all his great plays he's made? I know it's a team game but he's a super star. Trade him while he has value. He's another LSU diva. He will hold out. He's great around the line. Ask him to cover deep. He's toast then. Hesa strong safety playing line backer. You don't pay 15 mill for that. Thats alot of mone
  6. Trade Jamal build the oline. Draft college kids that don't dance after making a effing tackle every play, or wagging their fingers after a QB over throws a pass to his wr like they made a play. Humble players who stfu and let their play do the talking. Its weird how the top 3 loud mouth plays come from lsu. Jamal Landry and Odell. Besides odel whose been to the playoffs what have the other two done to talk so much?? Never went to the playoffs. They annoikt themselves something greater than they are. At least Landry lead his team to wins. Jamal things to big about himself.
  7. Jamal will never lead this team to the playoffs please trade him. He's about his brand. He's such a self seeking attention whore. He thinks of himself like he's some hof player. I don't see any playoff appearances or you leading the team and stopping a nose bleed when they needed a big stop in a class game against playoff teams. He will be like Rivas hold out and be a diva. Trade him and rebuild. He talks way too much. He's annoying. Our team actually has lots of talkers. Please kids just shut up and act like you been there before. Be humble like Barry Sanders Curtis Martin were. Un
  8. They both stink and aren't worth a massive deal. Adams makes plays and bad a monster year. He's probably one of our best picks ever. But for being the 6th overall pick. Self centered diva like Rivas. He's not made game winning plays against top notch teams for the amount of money he will command. Trade him rebuild the Oline. You don't play safeties top notch money if they don't make picks and game changing plays vs top notch competition. Your record says who you are. Sadly we suck with both of them, we can suck without them and rebuild this team.
  9. All USC qbs for the majority have sucked in big games. I don't think Darnold would have done better. He's turnover prone.
  10. Cleveland. Browns talk so big. Never win the big games. Baker Landry Chubb beckum . All that talent and no playoffs. You can have all the food in the kitchen Freddie but you still don't know how to cook it up???
  11. There is always a possibility the Jets take the best DT, NT coming out. Never mind, McCofeegan is not the GM anymore. Please select a offensive player. God knows this team hasn't drafted one in the first round for a long time. The last WRs we drafted high were Moss and Hill.
  12. Leonard williams looks tough but plays soft.
  13. Even though I dislike the Bills. Their fans have suffered as much as we have. It's nice to see their fans see their team make the playoffs. Man can you imagine the snow in January in Buffalo if a traveling team has to play there? The pats will need help from the zebras.
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