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  1. Leonard williams looks tough but plays soft.
  2. Even though I dislike the Bills. Their fans have suffered as much as we have. It's nice to see their fans see their team make the playoffs. Man can you imagine the snow in January in Buffalo if a traveling team has to play there? The pats will need help from the zebras.
  3. I don't get the Cowboys hype aka Americas team. I dislike them as much as the Pats. All this type and they haven't done crap since Aikmen was their QB and Irvin was snorting cocaine.
  4. His mouth is bigger than his bite. He doesn't perform like a monster against big teams. Child please stop comparing him to any hall of fame player. This guy is all about his brand. He's part of these new age players who just yapp padd stats and make themselves look better than he is. The jets never made it to the playoffs with him and his game changing plays.
  5. Omg without Jamal this team would suck even more. Jamal the Lord saviour lead us to the playoffs abd lots of super bowls. The truth is, mgmt sucks abd have sucked. First round bust, a star start ladder with a big mouth wants to be the highest played defensive player in the league who has never lead us to a win vs top notch competition. Please trade him and rebuild this team. He is all about his brand.
  6. Its vs the redskins for God sakes. When will this team beat a good team? A playoff team??? Case is still a bad coach and darnold throws stupid interceptions. Jamal is playing out if his mind. He still needs to be traded in the off-season. He will be a revis when contract time comes up. At least revis shut husside if tge field down abd his mouth. Jamal should play lb all the time.
  7. Stats look great Jamal. You will be traded in the off-season. No way in hell the jets are dumb to pay you all that money. I get you play hard, v But you dont play big against top competition. You are all about yourself and not the team. You got a big mouth and no wins to back it with. The jets would be stupid to resign you. You ain't no Minka Fitzpatrick . You are a lb playing safety.
  8. Zero playoff appearances in last 10 years
  9. Wow do the Adams boys show up after he makes a few plays. Where were they when he sucks or sucked or had bad plays. You guys glorify this big mouth strong safety. Omg where would be be with these two wins. Good riddance, his record with the jets is horrible. The jets suckedwith him. I can see the jets doing better without him next year and his swag and bravado. His bravado andswag has never helped jets beat the pats. Great players make others around them better. He glorifies himself too much.
  10. His swagg helped us beat the dolphins and pats that's for sure.
  11. How many playoff wins has thus great stat ladder led us??? Forget playoffs. How many times have the jets beaten the pats with him???? Problems don't matter to us fans nor all pros. We want wins and playoffs. Great players elevate others around them. He's only great in his fanboys eyes. When will you post a thread about him when he has a horrible gane?? He's a loudmouth.
  12. I agree. Jamal has never made game changing plays against good to great teams. He only plays great against sorry teams.
  13. Winters is worse than trash. He looks tough only cuz of his tattooed. Flint love making him look like trash each week. He makes stupid penalties every week
  14. When he leads the jets to the playoffs or against a good team than talk. He makes plays vs sorry teams.
  15. One of the best big mouth, big play safeties ever to play against crappy non playoff teams of all time. Talk when he makes these plays against mahomes, Brady etc. Oh no he can't, he's getting beat like a drum against those teams.

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