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  1. I hate our stupid new helmet logo it looks silly. Good Riddance. We need to trade down in the first round multiple times. Accumulate second and third rounders and then try to hit on those. Our debt is the reason we stink right now. All we do is draft first round DL. What has that gotten us??? No SACKS, No Forced Fumbles. If their job is to clog space. Cant we find 350lb DL as UDFA's???
  2. This ORG never draft game changing players or electric players with college production. Always safe players, no wonder our team sucks. We would die to have a Marcus Peters type player on defense. He will get beat occasionally, however. He also can get picks and return them back for TD's.
  3. Agree completely. We don't draft Dogs. Aggressive players. I rather have aggressive one like Burfict than the Leonard WIlliams's.
  4. Yes, he is just another talking buffoon on ESPN. Good Riddance. USC QB's don't have a lot of success in the NFL.
  5. Wish he would do a Moe Lewis move on Brady. It would be so burfict to end Brady's career like that.
  6. He has the same amount of tackles Leonard Williams has playing this year so far. They are both big sissy cats.
  7. Only if he was a patriot he wouldn't get ejected or suspended unless he smoked pot or killed someone. Burfect would be perfect for the bears back in the day.
  8. Wonder if he will ever be HC again???? He's got both Preston and Zardarius Smith rushing the pass rush. Something the JETS lack and lacked.
  9. Only the Jets could mess this up. We could have had two Josh Allen's. We could both of them play Edge Rushes and sac the QB. haha.
  10. Watson and Mahomes are the best out of all these young kids. Josh Allen is a beast also. Sam Arnold needs to stay healthy and throw deep passes accurately. Faker Mayfield like Jamal Adams needs to SHUT UP and let their play do the talking. We could of had Mahomes or Watson. We selected a box safety and not even Hooker. Who most of us wanted, injured or not. He is a play maker. It's all about the passing now. Run stuffers can be drafted in later rounds.
  11. One thing is consistent ABOUT the JETS. They are inconsistent all across the board....ownership, coaches and players.... Bench and fire those that are not 100% with the program... Bench those that are not playing to their potential.
  12. Agree with all of that and bench the slow, old, overrated players who are half assing it by I don't care who. Even if less talented but gives more effort than these losers. You change the culture by making big moves and correct moves. Build the D-line. We spent numerous first round picks on the D-line. Just draft pass rushers. DT's and NT's should be lower round picks or UDFA's. So far first round draft picks on the D-line have led us to no playoffs or multiple years of all pro or pro bowls. In addition no game wreckers. Jamal congrats you had a pick 6 on a over throw by a backup QB. Now make the same plays against starting top notch QB's when the game is not out of place.
  13. Th Jets players and Coaches need to stfu to the media and fix this mess. All we have heard over the past 10 years is talk talk, talk, talk.....No playoffs to show for it. Laughing stock of the league. I would like to know how much money they have spent on the Oline and what they rank in comparison to other lines. To me they have to be one of the highest paid in the league and one of the worst production wise. Sam you are young, but you have struggled a lot in the one game you played. Please don't be like the other Jet players and just talk, talk, talk. Please win games lead to the playoffs then talk. Having Jamal, Leonard etc talk talk talk and not do the walk hasn't gotten us far. You don't hear a word from Mosley, or Bell and they have won and been in big games. Why you young cats like talking so much. Shut it and produce.
  14. Brian Turnsile Winters is a joke and has survived numerous regimes. This guy got tattoos to look tougher than he is. This guy gets bulldozed into the QB and as big as he is you would think he would put his will on people. Please for the Love of God release his ass or put him on the bench. He isn't hitting anyone or blocking anyone. I hate the new logo on our helmet. It sucks, a kid could have come out with that logo in 10 mins. Nike and our owners took a year to come out with this crap.

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