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  1. Wow, What a way to reminisce. It was amazing how we found Ray Lucas. Pretty cool story how we found him... The biggest let down for me was that 2015 team. Fitzpatrick had a better than expected year. Marshall was playing to his potential along with Decker. Ivory put in one of the best running back performances for the Jets. All we needed was a win against Buffalo in week 17 and we were in the playoffs...I still remember sitting in the cold at the end of that game. It was a horrible feeling.
  2. Well some of us have to keep the Jets flag flying when you lot are rotting in your grave.
  3. Don't worry I'll still be yelling, watching, and wearing my Jets gear. Don't know how long I'll be yelling...but I'll never miss a Jets game.
  4. Oh come on Mike135. What, Winnie not around in real life to stroke your ego?
  5. I think this is one of Robby Anderson's favourite songs. He plays it all the time on his Instagram.
  6. I'm being serious...Let's just bench Bell today. We need as much tread on that tire as possible for next year.
  7. It will take a bit of this...Like seriously...We got to man up and be from the old school and hit em in the mouth. Unfortunately Rex aint with us to execute this fear...we have the "Offensive guru" that never played a snap in his life.
  8. I can't get over all the old school Jets fans on here! It's like a wealth of that amazing and undefeatable triple-option knowledge that Georgia Tech so successfully run.
  9. 7-9 is reasonable. I had 10 - 6 prior to week 1. It's probably why I'm so upset.
  10. Yeah Parcells was one of the factors that drew me in. Still a fan of his. I still watch the documentary of Parcells and Belichick every now and again. Nice insight into what might have been. I hope you're right about Darnold. He just looked unsettled and anxious in week 1, and that was prior to myself knowing he had mono...hopefully it was the mono, because I was worried about his unease in that game.
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