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  1. Maybe spending a lot of money on linebackers and safeties.
  2. I'm actually interested in knowing why you apparently think I'm someone (two people?) I've honestly never heard of. This is the only handle I go by everywhere, including the Bills forum. Go ahead and have your mods verify my IP address against those guys or something.
  3. Cut your best WR, and the rest will somehow shake out as elite. Right... If this rookie balls out, and we sign this player, and this happens, and that happens...and if my aunt had a wang she would be my uncle.
  4. Weird, some on this forum insist the WR corps is highly underrated and will power Darnold to a Pro Bowl season. I don't know who to believe!
  5. Gets his credentials yanked right after loudly insisting that Sam Darnold is much better than Josh Allen. Coincidence? I think.....probably.
  6. Your rose colored glasses are so tinted even welders would find it overkill. 1. One replacement not being a downgrade and not knowing how good/bad a rookie will be does not mean the corps is not still bad overall. Not getting worse is not the same as being good. 2. Crowder is only the best slot in the division in a fantasy points sense, by virtue of the weaker WR corps around him leading to him getting more targets. 3. Hogan is perfect depth? Depth for what, a kiddy pool? Don't you have to have solid starters ahead of him before you start talking about great depth? Feel free to tell me how many other teams in the league would be happy to have any Jets WRs on their team as a WR 1 or 2. 4. Hogan has championship pedigree in the sense the janitor at Harvard has a background in education. Having had the good fortune to have been on a good team in the past doesn't do much for a rebuilding team. He was signed as the least of however many evils. 5. For the Jets to have a wake to leave teams in if AB is signed, they'd have to actually still be in the lead after the first 8 games by some miracle. How do you see the first 8 games shaking out? 6. I don't trust Bell with his own head, how the hell do you expect him to fix a nutcase like Brown? 7. The structure of a team and the field being his medicine...he's been on several teams and seen lots of fields and it doesn't seem to be working so far. Do you dare say the Jets have a superior enough team structure to fix him where every other team failed?
  7. What's that law, that states the longer an argument goes, the more likely someone will bring up Hitler? You managed that feat within the first page, I'm impressed.
  8. What's the illness? I know Covid can leave you with messed up lungs or heart problems, among other things.
  9. About as necessary as you signing every single one of your posts like your name means anything.
  10. Not for long I take it. Don't be so quick to give up your chair.
  11. "That depends on how well the Patriots fare in the first season in two decades without Brady under center." Guess they don't count the year Brady went down at the beginning and they went 11-5 with Cassell. Missing the playoffs at 11-5, teams hosting playoff games with a losing record, the NFL is weird.
  12. Just heard the news about CJ, and realized SAR now has his excuse for how a 0-5 start this year was REALLY a dominant 5-0 performance of moral victories.
  13. Conveniently ignoring the reasons and circumstances of being a rebuild year with a raw rookie QB with only 2 years at a crap college program, a bottom tier O-line they hadn't revamped yet, and their top WR being Zay Freaking Jones who may not even make a roster this year. This troll is the living embodiment of a book of logical fallacies.
  14. Suuure. So they peaked before adding Stefon Diggs, dumping the fossil of Frank Gore in favor of Zack Moss, and came into the season with a QB who at that point only had 2 years of D1 starting experience at a low tier program and a rookie season with Zay Jones as his top receiver. So in other words he was still developing. Ha, I needed a laugh. Thanks. But sometimes you slip up and say something so stupidly crazy like that it just outs you as an obvious troll. As if people don't know that playoff bound teams with nothing to gain rest their starters. I love how the loss to the Bills doesn't count cuz reasons but barely topping 2nd/3rd stringers in week 17 still absolutely counts as a quality win to you.

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