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  1. STOP THE FACTS, I CAN'T HANDLE THEM SOMEONE CANCEL THIS MAN I DON'T AGREE WITH HIM Ok then Adams isn't the "clear choice for DPOY" for his whopping 6 sacks, it was Gregg Williams calling the plays after all.
  2. Him being actually not that good at coverage might also have something to with having him do something else.
  3. Edge rusher IS a label, and 2 career INTs is not elite coverage skills territory.
  4. That doesn't sound like a homer AT ALL. What flavor is the kool aid?
  5. And if CBs could catch they would be WRs. And if my aunt had a dick she would be my uncle.
  6. Then don't break the bank "building around him" as a safety if he's a LB or edge rusher. Trade him for draft picks and have an actual edge rusher do the edge rushing while you improve the team.
  7. He's just not being asked to be a safety apparently. A decent LB/DE could do the same work as a safety-not-being-a-safety.
  8. Ah yes, the famous "2 deep linebackers" formations where CBs can cheat in and rely on help from the deep linebacker to cover their back on streaking WRs.
  9. What a weird thing to say about a supposedly elite DB. Maybe he should be a LB. Or just trade him for a LB or DE who can get pressure so you can have your safeties actually do coverage.
  10. B-b-but having a whopping 6 sacks proves he is clearly the front runner for DPOY! Ignore the lack of INTs from a DB!
  11. He's at 0.6 sacks per game, at that already inflated rate he finishes with 9.6 sacks. 13-15 sacks would require an unrealistic 100-150% increase to his current sack rate to attain.
  12. That's a pretty huge IF. That's assuming he DOUBLES his current sacks per game rate down a 5-1 stretch just to be in the argument. Do you realize most of the regular season is already over?

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