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  1. An issue (bad OLine) Jets fans complain about with Darnold - ad nauseam, and I say a good QB makes players around him better.
  2. This thread is typical of LJ hate. The same folks who can’t wait to see him get injured I bet...bunch of losers! Thread should be renamed “Trash to MVP”.
  3. Mangini?? I’ll trust Harbaugh’s insight any day thank you. Of course there are lots of people that can do certain things, some are simply more exceptional than the rest.
  4. I don’t see why he would not. Oh and BTW Garappolo will have his worst game as a pro. Just a hunch he’ll brought back down to earth.
  5. After he wins 3 Super Bowl rings, people will still be saying the league will figure him out.
  6. The man is GOOD! He can beat defenses so many ways. Maybe we’re looking at the best ever...I did say maybe [emoji4]
  7. Yes. Lamar makes players around him better, not the other way around. Imagine what he would do with Anderson, Crowder, Thomas, Griffin etc.
  8. So the guy having a MVP season is second on your list...ok
  9. Every time he plays poorly it’s the OLine’s fault right?
  10. And that’s what frustrates me about Darnold. A ball that should’ve been thrown away.
  11. Yep we picked him over Sapp...only the New York Jets can screw this up!!

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