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  1. Fields. Last game against Clemson showed his massive potential. I don’t think Wilson is on that level.
  2. Message to his dad: the New York Jets was never interested in your boy.
  3. If true, then Jacksonville should be considering Fields then, right? Oh absolutely, and one of my biggest fears is that he has a monster game against Alabama. If he does, Jacksonville seriously has to reassess the first pick. For selfish reasons I’m hoping he doesn’t have a great game so we get him at 2. Fields is a special player.
  4. Exactly, some people just over-complicate things just for the hell of it. I would be shocked if Fields isn’t picked at 2.
  5. Don’t know why anyone would start a “draft Wilson at #2” thread when you have a choice of Fields or TL. Jets should have ZERO interest in Ty Detmer 2.0.
  6. Good let them take the overhyped “generational” QB. Perfect scenario for the Jets, Fields will be the better NFL QB.
  7. Fields is the better QB. I think his skill set and talents are better suited for the NFL. He is a bigger Russel Wilson and I see some Mahomes in him too.
  8. After tonight’s game no more Zach Wilson to the Jets posts/threads. It will either be Fields or Lawrence.
  9. Fields looking damn good. You guys still think Lawrence is better?
  10. Another game observation - Patrick Elflein has been the most pleasant surprise all season...he’s a keeper.
  11. Sewell, move Becton to RT.
  12. That would be a super unit. Would Sewell be willing to play RT though? I can’t see them moving Becton to the right side, he’s playing LT at an all pro level.
  13. IPTV is the way to go. Cancel cable and Directv service immediately.
  14. I’m glad they are winning just enough games to miss out on Lawrence and Fields. I wouldn’t call them promising either.
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