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  1. If the Jets manage to win a couple games and lose out on TL, Imagine Penei Sewell playing on the same line with Becton. They’re pretty much very similar players...Instant O line super unit!
  2. No worries let him go ahead and consult with whoever he wants, Fields may be just as good.
  3. Giants and Falcons win...we got this New York Jets!!!
  4. Even when the Jets are historically bad, landing the top pick won’t be easy. Giants, Falcons and Broncos could make this very interesting.
  5. Giants corners might be worse than Desir and Austin.
  6. Ok Gase your Seat just got a little hotter!
  7. -Gase is ruining Darnold -O line is garbage -No weapons at WR Anymore excuses for Darnold?
  8. Broncos and Giants are scary, they could actually end up worse than the Jets if that’s even possible.
  9. I now watch Jets games to see how Becton and Quinnen Williams play. Core young studs to build this team around.
  10. Warren Sapp 1995 - 3 sacks 1996 - 9 sacks Q is a talented player, he’ll be fine.
  11. If you play the Jets and the Dolphins every week you’re sure to look like world beaters.

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