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  1. Don’t pocket QB’s get hit as much as Jackson? Sacks, knock downs etc.
  2. Josh Allen got a chip on his shoulder? Josh Allen, you’re not very good bud.
  3. Including myself, I asked the same question - why not Jackson?
  4. Just imagine Josh Rosen drafted ahead of Jackson. Someone made that decision, like without a doubt a better player.
  5. The Jets make me cry, I really wanted Jackson in that draft.
  6. Generational player. I’m convinced Lamar is that great player we’ve all been waiting for, he can do it all!
  7. An issue (bad OLine) Jets fans complain about with Darnold - ad nauseam, and I say a good QB makes players around him better.
  8. This thread is typical of LJ hate. The same folks who can’t wait to see him get injured I bet...bunch of losers! Thread should be renamed “Trash to MVP”.
  9. Mangini?? I’ll trust Harbaugh’s insight any day thank you. Of course there are lots of people that can do certain things, some are simply more exceptional than the rest.

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