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  1. I’m telling you right now Ojabo is gonna blow up the combine and test like crazy. Hearing a lot of Mike Evans comps with London, not bad. 4. Ojabo 10. London
  2. Great video. The thought of AVT and Becton playing on the left side could be something very special. Hope Becton can regain his rookie form.
  3. Jameson Willams is pretty good and can be had in the top 10. Crisp routes, good hands and plays fast.
  4. Horrible head coach. The Monday night game against the Browns, where they did not win a game in 2 seasons sealed the deal.
  5. Pick Neal at 4 and just move on already.
  6. The sleeper stud edge in this draft is Ojabo. Would he be a reach with the Seahawks pick? Some team will be lucky to have him fall to them, kinda like the Giants and JPP.
  7. I’m all for going after Deshaun Watson next season. End the Wilson experiment now!
  8. He’s not a baller. You can’t be timid and play football.
  9. Is anyone expecting a Herbert/Burrow type leap out of Wilson in year 2?
  10. I clicked on the link. What a depressing read.
  11. Pat Leahy kicked for the Jets from 1974 to 1991 and one of the best I ever saw. You don’t find good kickers under rocks. Folk should still be here, shame on Maccagnan!
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