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  1. If Darnold struggles against the Pats this week half the board will be saying we need to draft a new QB this year because sams not the goods. Some free life advice, don’t get too high off the wins and don’t get too low off the losses. That’s life lessons that pertain to football too.
  2. There’s zero chance the refs let the jets win
  3. I hate Maccagnan as much as the next guy, but we really don't know if passing on Watson or Mahomes had anything at all to do with Hackenberg. It just as easily could have been they didnt love either of them. Not saying that was right or wrong, but its possibility. There were rumblings they loved Trubiski, which would make sense based on their ineptitude. But the idea that they passed on Mahomes and Watson for Hackenberg, after they saw a year of him, and literally did nothing with him, is not fact, its nothing more than an opinion. All the we should have drafted Mahomes talk is a bit revisionist at this point. He was seen as a really high ceiling, really low floor guy. Most people felt that after the Hackenberg debacle, you needed to take a guy with a higher floor, that would have been Watson at the time. It also wasnt considered a great QB draft class by almost anyone at the time, and almost everyone thought the Darnold class would be much better, even though it may prove to be the opposite.
  4. You weren't allowed to complain about it where, and according to who?? You are a confusing guy to follow bud.
  5. What do we do next, do we go back to passing on Carr, Bridgewater and Garrapolo for Geno Smith? Maccagnan is thankfully gone, move on, he can't hurt you anymore moving forward. You are safe.
  6. Again, I answered the other posters question..... My example holds absolute perfect water, crystal clear, osmosis filtered, pure, delicious water. Regardless of whether we are talking about business, or football, smart business, smart GM's make the best decisions based on current and future value. if needed, I can spell out to you that the best janitor in the world, who cleans a mean bathroom, should not get the same perceived value for the company as a sales guy who moves the needle, or a great manager, or a great product guy..... A good GM, much like a good leader, understands the value he has in his employees relative to the overall good team or business. Every team or business has only so much resource to allocate. You quantify that value, and you stick to your guns. That value has absolutely nothing to do with where they were drafted, or what level they were when they came into your company, which was the original point that started all this good education. Your welcome.
  7. I just answered a question my friend, did not say they correlate perfectly. That being said, the point is still 100% accurate, where a player is drafted has zero to do with their value moving forward, and any GM worth their weight in salt will offer a contract based on their current and future value, not where they were drafted. Douglas could give to sh*ts about where Adams was drafted, he didn't draft him. Just like he cut Polite before the season even started, almost unheard of for a 3rd round draft pick. You know why he did it? Because where someone was drafted doesn't matter, its your current and future value..... Your welcome, now drink some water.
  8. You're trying way too hard to impress people on the interwebz that you don't even likely know outside of the message board..... Be true to yourself, everyone will respect you much more. Its much better to be respected, than liked. Thats free advice bud.
  9. Actually, I am involved in those type of negotiations all the time. And what I am willing to pay, and my cap, has nothing to do with where the person came into my organization, but rather their current and future value..... For example, I just somewhat recently made a person who came into my company as an intern, one of the highest paid people in my company. It has nothing to do with them starting as an intern, and everything to do with how valuable they are to my business today. They evolved into that. On the counter side, I have a sales guy I heavily recruited 2 years ago, and paid a hefty premium to get him in to my company. We rolled out the red carpet, did press releases around hiring him, gave him a staff, a great office and a very large salary. He is not working out nearly as well as we hoped. He is not worthless, but he is not worth what we are paying him. I am currently working out a plan that he will have to take, or leave based on what I quantify his value to be, not the way in which he came in....
  10. Of course, and when the Johnsons get involved, we get Tim Tebow. If we are going to put football value on social media following above football production, because the Johnsons have their hand that far up our GM's ass, we are debating a pointless topic. Thats because we will have no mechanism to ever become a good enough football team where the difference in paying Adams football value vs. business value vs. draft slot value, will ever mean anything.....
  11. Yeah, no, not at all. There was a point that was very clearly incorrect. That point was made based on emotion, and not logic, nor reality. I have called out why it was incorrect. You have similar emotional baggage to the poster who made the incorrect point. If you are incapable of understanding why it was incorrect, thats on you, not on me. Im trying to help you out here bud. Whats the saying, you can only lead a horse to water......
  12. Im not misunderstanding anything at all, you are my friend..... Nobody cares what Jamal perceives his value to be. Hackenberg can perceive himself as a 2nd round dradftred QB and ask for that type of money. No GM in the league will agree, and will laugh their asses off, so it means nothing. Draft value means nothing, perceived value means everything. What a player asks for and gets are not equal
  13. yeah, that is whats going to happen for sure, and it will have zero to do with his draft slot, and everything to do with what some team will pay for him.. Indeed, that is what they should do the second they sense the contract negotiations are leaving a big gap between his perceived value, and the Jets perceived value. This isnt rocket science, and has nothing to do with draft slot.

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