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  1. This is why I’ve said many times Jif is the best poster on this site. He gets it. I’ve often disagreed with your stances, but your always respectful and make your points with class. You are truly an asset to this board.
  2. I respectfully disagree, but that’s cool, everyone has their opinions
  3. Nah, not necessary, everyone knows whose who here and what goes on
  4. I’ll likely get banned for making that post, and yeah, nowhere am I claiming anyone is forced. I’m pointing out the culture here, and why the fighting is getting worse and why it will continue to get worse. I’ve been here for close to 10 years. There are things about this board that make it great, but it’s also getting worse and worse In a lot of ways. I’m just saying why that is. Like I said, I’ll probably be banned for even making that post
  5. I know you don’t want to hear this, but a huge part of the problem you have is you apply this very selectively. I’ve seen tons of really offensive posts deleted or changed by posters who you’re loyal to, With no consequences, and others get banned for half of what they do. A select group of long timers or those whose stances you agree with break these rules with regularity, and when others see it, or go back at it, you ban them, and the original offender just keeps on plunging ahead, and it’s established a toxic culture here that is getting worse and worse. Until you follow up on th
  6. What exactly are those strengths from a roster standpoint offensively? I’m failing to identify those
  7. But according to Math, this is a Darnold problem, pretty soon this mystical math is going to be dropped on us, I’m looking forward to it.
  8. In general, I think spending a lot of money on a RB with a lot of tread on the tires, who hadn’t played in over a year, and isn’t the final piece, is not a smart football decision. That said, the contract was not overly prohibitive, and seems to be easy to get out of after this year, and due to horrid roster mgmt, we needed some offensive weapons for the QB we are trying to develop.
  9. Serious question, why do feel it’s your responsibility to tell fans how to be fans? If someone wants to be optimistic about a young QB, or about the season, it’s on them to deal with the consequences of their optimism, no? There is no right or wrong way to be a fan, and people get different things out of being a fan. Just like In life, there are half glass full and half glass empty people. Which side you stand on is far less important than how you handle adversity in life or as a fan. When people realize that what the jets do as zero bearing on the quality of their life in any way, it becomes
  10. Yup, sure did, in the post I responded. let me give you some free, unsolicited advice.... your a somewhat intelligent kid, but you don’t know everything, and your opinion isn’t more valid than anyone else’s. A little humility can go a long way. thank me when you’re ready
  11. Try to be better than this, for someone who thinks they are smarter than the rest of the free world, you should aspire to be better. You brought up Brady, not me. not long at all, but I don’t care, if I did, I would last much longer....
  12. Brady looked like crap this week when no wrs we’re open and he had pressure. A Qb is one player of 11.
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