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  1. 9 minutes ago, JiF said:

    It’s not just the childish bickering, it’s also the same posters spamming each thread with the same garbage they’re posting in every thread. It’s gets old and tiresome.  From my perspective, that’s where this all starts. You can’t have a single conversation with those select few ruining each thread which leads to this nonsense taking over every topic.  It’s a hard board to participate in these days.  

    That said, thank you @Maxman and the mods for doing something about it.  Thankless job but it needs to be policed.  

    This is why I’ve said many times Jif is the best poster on this site. He gets it. I’ve often disagreed with your stances, but your always respectful and make your points with class. You are truly an asset to this board.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Been here almost 7 years. Not sure I see what you’re talking about poster who signed up here last month.

    He’s even told Tom to cool it before and Tom is a big part of this site(LOLLLL) 

    but really, there’s never been any rose-colored glasses or favorites around here. If you are liked, it’s most likely because you play by the rules and are a good poster.

    Max has no reason to turn his cheek at negative posters here. If something is burdening the community, he addresses it. It doesn’t matter who it is. A lot of these guys who have been around since JI don’t get themselves in trouble for stupid things.


    Edit:: didnt we ban SAR I for a racist joke this past training camp!? It happens.

    I respectfully disagree, but that’s cool, everyone has their opinions

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Thai Jet said:

    :rolleyes:   I KNOW for a fact that Max forces no one to visit or post here. Soooo......

    I’ll likely get banned for making that post, and yeah, nowhere am I claiming anyone is forced. I’m pointing out the culture here, and why the fighting is getting worse and why it will continue to get worse. I’ve been here for close to 10 years. There are things about this board that make it great, but it’s also getting worse and worse In a lot of ways. I’m just saying why that is. Like I said, I’ll probably be banned for even making that post

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Maxman said:

    We don't want to do this stuff. But the mods have been instructed to just ban those that can't follow the few rules we have: No politics, no religion, no cursing\nudity and NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.

    I know you don’t want to hear this, but a huge part of the problem you have is you apply this very selectively. I’ve seen tons of really offensive posts deleted or changed by posters who you’re loyal to, With no consequences, and others get banned for half of what they do. 

    A select group of long timers or those whose stances you agree with  break these rules with regularity, and when others see it, or go back at it, you ban them, and the original offender just keeps on plunging ahead, and it’s established a toxic culture here that is getting worse and worse. Until you follow up on this equally, this will continue to get worse and worse, as they are taking more and more liberties almost daily because they know they will get away with it.

    its your site 


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  5. 1 hour ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

    I’m just spitballing here but, what if an “offensive genius” quit trying to square peg this round hole roster and designed an offense around the strengths and weaknesses that it has? I’m probably just crazy!

    What exactly are those strengths from a roster standpoint offensively? I’m failing to identify those 

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  6. In general, I think spending a lot of money on a RB with a lot of tread on the tires, who hadn’t played in over a year, and isn’t the final piece, is not a smart football decision. That said, the contract was not overly prohibitive, and seems to be easy to get out of after this year, and due to horrid roster mgmt, we needed some offensive weapons for the QB we are trying to develop. 

  7. 6 hours ago, jgb said:

    Haven’t we learned anything about unrealistic expectations from people expecting playoffs at the beginning of this season? Apparently some people never learn.

    How much evidence do people need to expect the worst with this team?

    Serious question, why do feel it’s your responsibility to tell fans how to be fans? If someone wants to be optimistic about a young QB, or about the season, it’s on them to deal with the consequences of their optimism, no? There is no right or wrong way to be a fan, and people get different things out of being a fan. Just like In life, there are half glass full and half glass empty people. Which side you stand on is far less important than how you handle adversity in life or as a fan. When people realize that what the jets do as zero bearing on the quality of their life in any way, it becomes easier to be a fan and root for your team. If they lose, it really has no impact on life, if they win, it’s more entertaining. But it’s all entertainment, nothing more, and everyone goes about their entertainment in their own way. I was optimistic about Sanchez, was wrong, my life is very good. I was extremely pessimistic about Rex, I was right, zero bearing on my life either way.

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  8. 1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

    Did I?


    Yup, sure did, in the post I responded.

    let me give you some free, unsolicited advice....

    your a somewhat intelligent kid, but you don’t know everything, and your opinion isn’t more valid than anyone else’s. A little humility can go a long way. 

    thank me when you’re ready

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  9. 2 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    My offensive line isn't good, so let me throw the ball up in the air to no one.  Indeed, I'm the one struggling to understand things.

    So, we're still going to push the Brady comparison?  This seems like someone who understands football.

    Welcome Back, by the way, how long do you think you'll last this time?

    Try to be better than this, for someone who thinks they are smarter than the rest of the free world, you should aspire to be better.

    You brought up Brady, not me. 

    not long at all, but I don’t care, if I did, I would last much longer....

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  10. 2 hours ago, TeddEY said:

    This ignores any contribution Darnold has to the pressure on him.  Yes, the line is trash.  Yes, it needs major upgrades.  But, Darnold has yet to show he can quickly ID pressure and beat it with a quick strike.  That’s something Brady has excelled at over the course of his career - His jersey is clean because he gets the ball out faster than anyone.  Brady would look better with this offensive line for that reason, teams have to respect that he can deliver the ball quickly, and wouldn’t just be in attack mode.

    Brady looked like crap this week when no wrs we’re open and he had pressure. A Qb is one player of 11. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

    Sure, but that’s not the comparison that was made in the post I quoted.  I’m not expecting Sam to have a very good statistical year under these circumstances, but I certainly expect him to do better than the copious inexplicably stupid decisions he makes.  And frankly, under much more advantageous circumstances at USC. He undoubtedly turned the ball over too much.

    He doesn’t have Favre’s arm, or anything close, so he has to be much smarter.  He’s not, and can’t be, a gunslinger.

    They are not completely inexplicable, he has no confidence in his line, warranted, and he is a young QB. These guys are not robots, and they learn via experience. The question is, will he learn, that is to be determined. But it’s quite explicable if you understand football.

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  12. 49 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

    I'm not getting involved in this discussion, because threads like this are ridiculous.

    Sam has played well the last two games, everyone should be feeling good about that. The problem always is the same one though, there are always people here who go overboard everytime he does well by either saying things like "Rivers is his floor". which I'm sorry, is just dumb, or by putting down other young QBs.

    One last thing. How is it that this OP's thread has become the one where all of a sudden people are concerned about "beating someone up for his opinions?" This seems like a strange thread to take that tact, especially since the poor, picked upon OP has butt fumbled about 25 people in this thread for not agreeing with him.

    Yeah, but the people declaring him a bust in a bad game with zero support are warranted right? Both sides are premature.

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  13. 3 hours ago, Irish Jet said:

    This is pretty telling. It's obvious watching the games that it's brutal but it's good to be reminded it's literally the worst situation in the league.

    I genuinely wonder what the Darnold detractors expect from a second year QB in these circumstances. 

    I f*cking hate Mike Maccagnan. Hate him.

    This is why the advanced Qb stats are flat out pointless. Big deal that they are defense adjusted, they don’t isolate the qb from the rest of the team around him. And why when people like @RutgersJetFan claim he is not good and won’t be good because of these metrics they show how little they understand the metrics they tout. Now, until he becomes a franchise QB, he’s not, but to ignore the team around him is horrible analysis at best.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Bortles probably as a floor. 

    The last strecth of the season is crucial. He's had two promising starts in a row after a horrific start. 23 games is probably a large enough sample to determine on how to move forward. Too much noise in this thread and not enough acknowledgment of what Darnold's produced to date weighted against other QB's their first two seasons. That's where the apprehension is coming from. Hoping for the best/reaching his ceiling vs trying again in the draft both need to be on the table.


    This is an oversimplified, lazy analysis. Really driven by an agenda, but carry on 

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  15. 2 hours ago, JiF said:

    When did this board become a pile on of assholes attacking people for sharing an opinion?  Holy sh*t.  Just don’t respond.  

    If Phil Rivers was on the NY Jets, he would  get the same treatment as Chadwick Pennington did.  While Phil puts up numbers, he’s just as big of a no ball doofus as Chadwick was and probably more unlikeable. 

    There are a few real assholes who are making this place miserable and almost unreadable. 

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