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  1. Just out of curiosity, what would be a good gameplan that would work with a terrible QB, a terrible Oline, and WR;s who cant get off the ball? Im hoping we can find a coach who can implment such a good game plan.
  2. I can't really speak for anyone else other than myself, so I don't really care what everyone thinks. At the same time, I don't know what anyone else expected out of a third string QB, a sh*t OLine and WR's who can't get off the line against 3 really good defenses. With a sick Darnold, the Jets Offense was about the same as the other offenses who faced the Bills defense, including the team some think will go undefeated this season and win the SB. I don't have any feeling one way or the other for Gase, if he sucks, I want him gone ASAP. I just cant conclude that just yet from the past 3 games no
  3. To be successful in the NFL, you need, guys who can get off the line, enough time to let the QB find the guys off the line, and a guy who can find and deliver more times than not to the guys off the line when he has time. If you have those things, you can be a good offense. The better those things are done, the better the offense. If two of those things are missing, you will have an atrocious offense. If you have 2 of those things, you can cover some warts on the third. For example, if you have really good WR's who get off the line, and the line gives enough time, just about any QB who has got
  4. Im not commenting on whether or not Gase is the right guy or wrong guy. All Im saying is its unlikely any coach was going to make this roster and Luke Falk, against the 4 teams we played, look any better. Id like to see how Gase does with Darnold back for 6 games before making any real judgements. McCarthy had the greatest QB of all time and didnt exactly beat worlds over the last few years.
  5. Currently, the Jets have no solution to the press and blitz against the teams that can execute it. The corners are being jammed at the line, and the defense is sending in enough to get to the passer consistently. Falk is terrible, he has a very weak arm, and doesnt see the field well. Gase very well may suck, but Im not convinced anyone is going to be able to get around Falk's limitations particularly with WR's who can't get off the line and a bad OLine. I won't sit and defend Gase, but calling for McCarthy under these circumstances to pull off some miracle is probably flawed as well.
  6. Yeah, Gase looks clueless, but it’s hard to imagine what could work given the circumstances, not to mention they have played 4 top flight defenses....
  7. It’s almost like some jets fans were over Idzik....
  8. T0mShane taking this board to school in this thread, raining knowledge on dis bizditch
  9. We’re losing with or without him, no reason to play him, give him the week off and comeback next week
  10. Hockey is the best sport on the planet, nothing even compares. The NHL is also the best pro league. Has its issues, but is by far the best. The skill of the modern day NHL player is amazing and makes for a really amazing game
  11. If he comes back and sucks, so be it, tank the rest of the season. But I think when he comes back you have to try to win to see if he can be your guy or not. The best scenario for the Jets is he is the guy, and we can use future draft capital to build a roster around him
  12. Sams job is 100% to want to play ASAP. Its the doctors job to stop him if he is not medically able to
  13. Thats cool, but, do you tank for a QB when you just drafted one high? To me, you only do that if you are sold Sam is not the guy. At some point, you have to try to devleop the QB's you draft, rather than constantly tanking for new ones.
  14. I think we should tank for Tua this year, and than follow that up by tanking for Trevor Lawrence the following year. And if Sam, Tua and Lawrence all fail, than we should move the franchise to Rochester NY and try to compete with the Bills for the upstate NY fanbase....
  15. Would be nice to see these things play out for more time... Whether its putting someone in Canton, or declaring someone a bust.
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