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  1. How can we be sure this is a true story? Are we supposed to just take your word for it without proof??
  2. I’m 100% confident that if you give him a Line and some targets he will produce a very good to great offense. I’m far less confident the Jets will ever get him that, cause we’re the Jets
  3. Are we ever too old to have gay jokes revolving around Brady and the Pats??
  4. This post made me decide to run out to Taco Bell right now, getting like 10, 5 crunchy supremes and 5 dorito loco supreme
  5. It’s 2019, this is no biggie these days
  6. Yeah, so are we, we are so awful we rightfully fired our GM. We have a safety and a young QB and an old RB, and nothing else. No line, weak WRs, no pass rush, no corners, we suck.
  7. It’s almost like the real NFL isn’t a game of Madden and there is some complexity to implementing schemes and such.... and injuries kind of do matter too....
  8. Get him a line and some good targets and Sam will reward you for it.
  9. If you think the giants line is anywhere near as bad as the jets, you’re delusional. If you think we have better WRs than they do, you’re equally delusional.
  10. Gase is one win away from matching last years total, that’s while designated with injuries. Maybe he’s not so horrible after all? Maybe it takes time to get the systems installed? Maybe once he has some talent and a line he can be good?
  11. I’d like to do it shirtless and have Joewilly12 drool in the background while I drop Football knowledge on peopes
  12. Rodney Harrison doesn’t know anything about SS play, angry Jets fans do.....
  13. Serious question, if he signs with someone, does he give his settlement money back to the NFL?
  14. Wow, youre delusional, honestly not worth the time. Carry on, no biggie, NFL's fault for giving the helmet, not Garrett......
  15. Yeah, good point. I don't think there should be legal action because nobody got hurt, but I think the NFL needs to drop the boom. But, if Rudolph was hurt significantly, I do think legal action would have been relevant.
  16. Wow..... So lets just get something straight, can we? If a drunk driver kills someone by hitting them with a car, is Ford at fault? Or is it the State in which the accident happened for allowing car's to be driven?
  17. Exactly, its mind numbing how anyone can watch the play and not come to the exact same conclusion you just did
  18. Oh, OK, got it. Since it wasn't a machete, and you weren't horrified, its not that big of a deal. Carry on.
  19. A car can be a deadly weapon if used as one, should we stop driving? Give me a break. The guy took a heavy, solid object designed for protection and swung it as hard as he could for someones head.
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