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  1. That was well beyond throwing a punch, if he hit him the way he intended to he could have left him brain damaged or killed him.
  2. OK, I watched it in slow mo and yeah, while he is trying to get Garrett off of him he does kick him, but to me it looks like an attempt to get Garrett off of him. Garrett laid on top of him and held him down while he had his facemask. Garrett started the entire thing, and then took it way too far
  3. I don't know Garrett, but I have a hard time thinking someone who can rip a helmet off someones head and swing it as hard as possible at someones head with terrible intentions is a great kid.....
  4. what? where did you see this? Garrett was pinning him to the ground on a late hit and wasnt letting him up, I have not seen that at all
  5. I don't want to see T0mShane have a heart attack, but I would like to see joewilly12 shirtless, does that count?
  6. Garrett was on top of him pinning him to the ground not letting him get up, the previous poster made it sound like Rudolph just went and nut kicked him and ripped his facemask off. Garrett started the entire thing
  7. There is nothing better than fans showing outrage over a MOCK draft pick, as though its already happened.
  8. Where did you see that? I have not seen any video showing anything close to that. I saw Garrett take him down after he threw the ball, wrestled him down and threw him, got on top of him and satyed on top, when a steelers lineman helped pull Garret off of him, he got up and was yelling at him as Garret ripped his helmet off by his facemask and swung it as hard as he could at his head. I saw nothing close to what yu mentioned
  9. Its pretty clear from Robby's liking of the tweet where Robby stands on this, and not surprising at all. Robby may nut in someones eye if he gets fined for breaking a rule.....
  10. Its shocking all the defense of QE here, and extremely disappointing how QE won't take responsibility for his actions. He gets paid a lot of money by the Jets. He has rules he has to follow. If he doesn't follow those rules, he gets fined. If I don't follow my jobs rules, I don't get to make excuses, and I certainly dont get to wine about it. Q, take responsibility for your actions, be a man, thats what men do. As for the Jets, if you let people start slipping on rules without consequences, the rule breaking gets worse and worse. People dont have to play for the NFL, but if they do,
  11. Let’s forget the off the field stuff, and talk football. What could be realistic expectations of him as a QB at this point? Can he start? Can he be a franchise QB? Is he a backup?
  12. Please, please sign him, I’m begging you Johnson’s, please do it!
  13. Despite all the crying, it’s the only move the idiot owners can make. Getting rid of him after 1 year would be worse given the circumstances
  14. In past years I would have been all about the draft pick. This year, by far the most important thing for the Jets is to try to understand what Darnold is. 5 Wins with Darnold showing good improvement would be fine by me. You can build a line in the first 3 rounds, you don't need to have a top OL prospect. Not saying I wouldnt want that, but they arent a mandate.
  15. This. I agree with you on how I want to run a d as well, and with everything else you said. Jamal is a guy who if you had a pass rush and a cover corner would be an absolute mosnter. Its not his fault that the rest of the D isnt very good. He talks way more than I like, but the guy is way better than Jets fans who are caught up on his 3 cone time from 4 years ago, give him credit for.
  16. I think run stuffing DT is a low value position guy, but a DT who can collapse the pocket and put pressure on the QB is not low value at all. Guys like Sapp, Jenkins, Donald are extraordinarily valuable and can change a defense by themselves. The problem with Leo was it wasnt realistic to expect him to be that type of player, hence why he was not a good draft pick. The reason QW was projected so high was he is expected to be that type of guy. If he does, it was a very worthwhile draft pick, if not, it was a bad draft pick at 3. I do think there was more reason to beleive QW would be that
  17. Another way the NFL manipulates games. How many times do you think an opponent of the Pats gets the extra half second?
  18. I thought this thread was about something else, heres my deep thought for the day:
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