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  1. Maybe he hurts them on purpose so he can have an excuse for not doing good?
  2. It sounds like Gase has the same training staff and doctors as the Mets!
  3. The real stat is how many handoffs will he have to Jamal Adams for TD's???
  4. Starting him against the Jets makes a lot of sense. Our pass defense is a disaster. Hard to imagine an easier defense to get him going than the Jets. Not saying he will, because I don't know if he is good enough, but if you have any belief in him this is the game to do it and try to get him some confidence.
  5. Yup, no matter how good Barkley may be, the only way you take him is in that spot is if you are in a 3 year run to win SB's. The fact that they didnt have a QB and were at least 3 years from competing if everything goes well and they still took him there is absolutely insane.
  6. I remember that game so well. My family had season tickets but instead I went with a group of friends that was a mix of Giants and Jets fans. Tailgating before the game, all the Giants fans in our group were saying how the Jets were just going to let the Giants have it for the division because it didn't mean anything to the Jets, and if we didnt let the Giants win they would raise our rent. I was about 10 rows back in the corner of the end zone where Toon caught that TD. One of the more fun Jets games Ive been to. The fact that game is 31 years ago makes me feel so old..... Thanks for posting,
  7. Yeah, I guess it is kind of funny, but its true. If QW isnt dominating day 1, he absolutely sucks, if a QB has a learning curve, he absolutely sucks, if a HC isnt great on day 1, he absoutely sucks. Mind you, all these things could be true, but even if they don't all suck, its likely not happening on day 1.
  8. I liked them so much more than I thought I would
  9. At this point, Gase and Darnold have to be tied at the hip barring a complete and utter collapse and loss of the team the rest of the year. Darnold is already in a horrible situation. He has horrible line, below average receiving targets, and is playing in his 3rd offense in 3 years. These guys are not robots, and QB's need some stability and some help around them to succeed. If you give up on Gase, you might as well just draft another QB in this draft and move on from Darnold because asking him to succeed in a 4th offense in 4 years is insane. Im older than all of the instant
  10. He’s had 2 pretty good games, one ok game, and 3 really bad ones. Declaring him a bust at this point is insane. Declaring him legit is also crazy. But context and analysts is really important
  11. I’m not sure what anyone expects from a young QB in his third system in 3 years with an awful line and bad WRs. These guys are humans not robots. An awful lot to overcome.
  12. Get him an Oline and some competent receivers and he will be good. This line is among the worst I’ve ever seen. And the WRs are dog poo as well. A QB can’t overcome both of those deficiencies
  13. If Sam could only block, and separate from D backs, he might be good, but he can’t, so he sucks
  14. F’ing Darnold, create some damn separation on your routes, you suck
  15. Darnold needs to block, throw and catch the football, any good QB does those things.
  16. I don’t ignore anything, you ignore the reality of the team he is playing with out of hate and agenda. Why the hell would I bet that with the jets as his franchise, sport?
  17. You seem like an extreme knowledgeable football fan, with no agenda. Carry on
  18. Yeah, he has no faith in his o line, these guys aren’t robots and this isn’t madden, but thanks for the pics sport
  19. It’s hard to have good fundamentals running from your life and with no faith in your line
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