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  1. Are you suggesting that giving a lady friend good sexual is a bad way to handle interpersonal relationships?
  2. A far better approach is to give it to her good while slapping her ass and tugging some hair. Same outcome and a bit more fun. Thank me later
  3. The Millennials and Gen Z are the biggest bunch of pansies ass pussies in the history of humanity.
  4. People didn’t even know how to interwebz back then, this is like before history even started
  5. There was nothing special about the throw, the catch was special. When was the last time a Jets WR made a special catch? I honestly can’t remember
  6. This last drive was pretty fascinating. A ludicrous catch on a thrown up for grabs ball, and a great play design for a wide ope td. Daniel Jones is a genius. When was the last time a coach or WR helped out our QB? I honestly can’t think of that time
  7. QB is the most important position on the field, but not the only one. And very, very few historically are able to overcome an atrocious line. He’s been bad, but I fail to see who would be anything but bad with this sh*t fest he is playing with.
  8. There’s also equally many people here who are rooting against him and bashing him for everything. i find that even weirder. It’s in the Jets best interest to have Darnold be the guy
  9. If there was ever any doubt whatsoever that the Millennial generation will end the human race, Jamal Adams has eliminated that doubt.
  10. There were a lot of people, myself included, who just flat out wanted Oliver at 3. I will admit I read too much into some of the advanced metrics and was blah on Allen, and probably overhyped Oliver. now, to be clear, DL is not an easy position to come in and dominate at, so this still needs to play out for a few years. Allen would look good rushing the passer for us right now though.
  11. I guess that really depends on your criteria for best. Outside of 1969, he certainly had the most successful 2 seasons in back to back years of any coach in our history, as sad as that is. BUT, he never won the SB, never got to a SB, and he played a huge hand in the disasters that were from 2011 to 2014, and left the franchise in a far, far worse position than he received it in. He was the right guy at the right time for 09 and 10, but was a complete disaster beyond that.
  12. Our last several coaches started out like a bat out of hell, sorta. They all were bad caoches. Im highly skeptical of Gase at this point, but sometimes things get worse before they get better. We have low talent levels, and we have had an awful string of injuries combined with a brutal schedule. Saying anyone misses any of our previous colossal failures is just oh so jetsy. The only guy who even slightly deserves that type of sentiment is Mangini. Not becuase he was great, but because he provided a positive direction and plan for the team, and if given time he may have evolved and learned on t
  13. Joking dude, calm down and take off your shirt, and post pics for proof
  14. You see the quads on that mofo? He probably can't coach, but I bet he could squat the sh*t out of some plates
  15. Should have taken the first for him. Hes going to be impossible to sign. If they can get a 1 for him after the season they should do it ASAP. I like him more than many Jets fans do, but hes delusional if he thinks hes on that level
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