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  1. Anybody can beat us, but not sure what I am setting myself up for. That cat is touting the coaching and QB play of the Miami Dolphins. Does beating us legitimize Fitzpatrick in your mind? All it does is make their tank harder to achieve to get the top pick.
  2. These posts aged like a block of cheddar left out on a NYC balcony in July 99 degree weather. I can admit when I am wrong, I said you were becoming the worst posters on the site, I was dead wrong, you are already there......
  3. I will happily accept the most appropriate screen name on the site. Hopefully the prize is good
  4. Your quickly becoming the worst poster on this site, and that is saying a lot
  5. He should be mad at what he sees looking back at him in the mirror.
  6. We all argue about Rex, Gase, Bowles, Idzik, MAC, Sanchez, Darnold, Geno, Fitzcrapsh*t, etc. but the real problems is unfixable, we have God awful ownership.
  7. Ugh, in the grand scheme of things neither of those things matter one bit. I'd like to see how he attacks the draft and FA for one season before hating or loving him.
  8. who hates Joe Douglas already? What could he have done to make anyone hate him so quick?
  9. Let's look at the converse of your first statement, what QB's actually play well behind a poor OL? Im asking that as a serious question. Now, in no way does that make Darnold good at all, but expecting any young QB to be good with an OL situation as bad as ours, particularly when we have no running game and a poor WR's is asking a lot. Your last point is exactly right, and if we draft another QB high next year, it will magnify that situation. We will have 2 highly drafted QB's, likely still a poor OL and no WR's. The right way to do this is to commit to fixing the OL and get som
  10. The past several coaches we had, all were pretty successful in their first year, and turned out not so good. Bowles, Rex, Mangini, Herm, Groh all had winning seasons in their first year and were ultimately bad coaches. Maybe Gase is bucking the trend, bad first year, and he will prove to be better. Its hard to like what we have seen so far, but lets not ignore some painfully obvious facts, we had limited talent, and its been made worse through lots of injuries, and suspensions. Our past several GM's were terrible, we have literally nobody on either side of the ball that scares opposing c
  11. Yes. That’s exactly how I think we can fix this mess. Cause nothing else matters except if the QB, Footballs good. Line, don’t matter, wrs, don’t matter, scheme, nope. Matt Moore threw 2 TDs yesterday and zero ints, he is 10000x better than Darnold. and if that doesn’t work, I think we should fire the GM and the coach and hire two more separately and have them both report to the Johnson’s directly.
  12. This is not rocket science, we have no line, and he is older
  13. Your doing it wrong, either a QB is a superstar from day 1 regardless of situation, or they suck, always will suck, always did suck, their parents suck and their offspring will suck
  14. While he would, I think the OP is referring to the fact that many experts on this board said he was basically undraftable because of his 3 cone.
  15. Nah, Not getting Matt Moore when we had our chance was the real slip up
  16. Nah, Matt Moore making him look good, Alex Smith, Pat Mahomes, Matt Moore, all genius QBs, Reid just along for the ride
  17. Come on guys, Matt Moore has guts, like real giant beach balls under his shorts, how else could he be beating the Packers single handedly?
  18. It unreal how people just don’t get sarcasm anymore....
  19. He is dominating the Packers, looks legit. I say we offer KC our first next year for him. nothing else matters, just yo QB, talent, nada, coaching, nada, just yo QB get this beast, try to trade Sam for a 5 next year
  20. How about the ole electrocute the nipples as well?
  21. If you think hard enough, Bowles > Belicheck dont stop thinking once you smell smoke, that’s the key
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