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  1. JTJet

    mims year two

    I hope it happens. I just not sure he can make that much of a leap so quickly.
  2. JTJet

    mims year two

    He didnt have a single 100 yard game last year. You truly think he is making that much of a leap?
  3. Good lord you are wound up tight. Are you actually trying to get anyone to sympathize with professional athletes versus normal working class people? There is a couple million dollar difference in what you or I make compared to what they make. They can buck up and deal, they are compensated well enough to do so.
  4. Yes. Nothing like meeting the bare minimum. There are those that go above and beyond and there are those that only wear their 13 pieces of flare.
  5. I'll believe that when he makes it through four quarters of a single game.
  6. Good lord. I wish I could just "opt out" of things I dont want to do at work and still get paid. "Boss I think I'm going to....opt out....of this project the company is working on at the moment, but hey, see ya on payday and thanks for the free donuts this morning" Silly world we live in.
  7. WTF indeed gentlemen... WTF indeed. Nothing says tank your own brand like turning one of the premiere 80s action cartoons into a bumbling comedy show.
  8. Nope... the 21st century rebrand of the Thundercats was this cringey woke nonsense right here.
  9. Can you believe it's been almost a decade since Mr. Hill scored a TD for us...
  10. While we all get what the article is trying to conclude, its beyond dumb to only look at 1st rounders.
  11. Jesus. That's like 1 game for Baker Mayfield.
  12. Ah the ol..."I studied his tape"... Translation: A couple 3 minute youtube videos.
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