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  1. If this is Pittman Jrs breakout game, I will lose my mind.
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/23/nfl-season-off-to-highest-scoring-start-ever/
  3. Man it was the ******* worst lemme tell ya lol.
  4. For me it was the Buttfumble, but only for the situation surrounding the evening. I was watching the game, gearing up for a night of Black Friday drinking and shenanigans, and got hit with food poisoning from some pub food I ate the night before. So I'm yaking my guts up while heaved over the toilet at the same time the Sanchise is yaking up his career on national television. After midnight I still manned up and downed several beers and went out with everyone. Fun times. ...Almost died the next day though.
  5. Just like Gase wants nothing to do with the defense I suppose.
  6. This jives with the unverified Avery Williamson comment. They arent practicing and game planning to win.
  7. Just hold up a BLM sign that says #CancelAdamGase. He will be fired by the end of the week.
  8. Way to completely extinguish the 1 ember of joy that was left...
  9. @playtowinthegame So far its us against the world bud, just the two of us against all odds lol.
  10. 30 predictions in.... I'm the only one that chose the Jets lol. What a season.

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