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  1. Yes and if Joe Douglas gets into a bidding war, it will be because he actively chose to throw away everything he learned from Ozzie Newsom.
  2. Old as dirt but still remembered in pop culture, even appeared in an episode of Teen Titans lol. I was probably the only person in the room who knew who he was while watching the episode 😂
  3. I get what you're saying. I agree a little bit that he is a reach at 2, but if he pans out to Drew Brees level, you would never care. Theres a gigantic risk/reward to consider yes.
  4. Why do you think Mann performed well? Off what metric? He was statistically one of the worst punters in the league, bottom 3 on net average (the most important punting stat) and bottom half on punts inside the 20. He led the league in punts, and top 3 in punt yards. Neither of which are indicators he is a good punter, just indicators our offense sucked and he had to punt a lot (badly).
  5. Got ya. Regardless I do agree Mahomes is going to be a problem. We have to hope that their team gets too expensive for them to maintain and they break it apart.
  6. Ok? I know this. You are the one worried about getting by him for a SB. Said it directly in your post.
  7. Former Jets players/coaches in Super Bowl - Tampa Bay Todd Bowles Kacy Rodgers Steve McClendon Kansas City Dave Merritt Leveon Bell Kelechi Osemele Mike Pennel
  8. Even if everything goes close to perfect, by the time we complete the fixes (2-3 years), Brady will be retired.
  9. I could make better designs than those on my phone while sitting on the toilet.
  10. Welp, one more SB to not bother watching.
  11. If we trade Sam to the Lions we should be investigated by the NFLPA for player abuse, considering what we put him through.

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