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  1. I disregard anyone that talks about the Jets going corner or safety at 4.
  2. It's cute that you believe anything said from January to draft day.
  3. That is a long ass post to just say he is underperforming.
  4. Somewhere, in a different universe, a Jets fan that went to Baylor had a wet dream... "Petty to Mims for the TD!!!!"
  5. Crump's would only be able to give him part time work. I suppose that's right up his alley.
  6. When he goes in between our two second round picks, I'll make sure to console you.
  7. Praise from Matt Patricia... Woof.
  8. Mims will be bagging Berrios' groceries at Whole Foods a year from now.
  9. This is Mel Kipers final Big Board in 2017... Yes. He WOULD have taken Jamal over any QBs, also note which QB isnt even on the list.
  10. I'm insulted this topic made it to 3 pages. Should have been locked the second it was posted.
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