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  1. SpecialTeamsWinsChampionships Its inevitable, we may as well accept it now.
  2. You're new here. Its never too late to bash Jamal Adams.
  3. If the CDC spent all those resources and came to the conclusion that only 39% of teen drivers are texting while driving, that's a sad waste of time and money. It is easily over 75% and theres no convincing me otherwise. I would argue it's even worse with the 18-25 crowd as many of them have settled in to the comfort of driving and are equally tied to their phones.
  4. That stuck out to me as well. Drunk or not, that is a little odd.
  5. Even a half hearted attempt at google can show you hundreds of videos or information to shred everything you just said, if you're willing to look at stuff from outside of your echo chamber. That "autonomous zone" had dozens of incidents of rape and assault of various forms, 3 or 4 murders (2 on live video no less), half a dozen car thefts, couple million in property damage, and how many people were held accountable? Zero. Yet you speak of this 4 week summer of love like it is of no consequence? Those "nightly protests" in Portland are a figment of your biased imagination. They were
  6. I love the production values of these, but I really wish they rebranded OJD this season moving forward, just to wash the last few seasons away completely. Nothing quite like getting sporadic episodes because we were losing weekly and they had no positive propaganda to give us.
  7. Good lord... mentioning facts and logic in the same breath as claiming Seattle and Portland arent lawless. Sure. This made me laugh.
  8. Truer words have never been spoken. You have to murder a bus full of nuns on live television to get denied bail in Seattle or Portland.
  9. This doesnt prove your point, so I'm not sure what you're attempting to hit here? Again, there were people that viewed him as out of shape, and that's what he was talking about. But, saying a bunch of people viewed him as "fat and lazy" and not loving football, is just stupid.
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