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  1. I think its draft compensation and that's it. Player for player trades are somewhat rare as is, the only position I could see him upgrade that way is TE.
  2. Whut? Well that took a turn. What in the sh*t did I say about libs? Edit: Are you saying liberals are midgets??
  3. Are we really at a point in society where we have to be PC about little people on an internet message board?
  4. Ain't no team trading a starting C or G for an often injured safety with legal issues.
  5. ... maybe for Wirfs ... ... ... ... Damn you JD.
  6. I take the same stuff, although I havent seen a boost in testosterone since I'm roided out daily anyways.
  7. @SAR I lives rent free in most of your heads. The man is a real life Roddy Piper from They Live, over there seeing through the bullsh*t.
  8. FWIW... This thread has officially surpassed the "Fire Mac" thread. Fire Mac - 41 pages 1400 replies Fire JD - 44 pages 1500 replies Not sure what this means, but it means something... right??
  9. While I think this is actually quite an amazing idea, theres virtually no way Salehs job wouldnt be questioned everytime something went south.
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