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  1. You couldnt be more wrong. He was simply asking for a contract structure like Mayfield and Allen both got that didnt include the voiding of guaranteed money due to a player fine. The offset part had FAR less to do with him, and much more to do with his agents. It was the Jets who were hard lining him, not the other way around. It's a matter of perspective and his agents were doing what agents are supposed to do, not only that, they were dealing with an inept Jets GM and staff. Theres zero reason to believe that will have any bearing what so ever on his next contract with JD who has already proven to be very contract savvy, unlike Mac. https://www.businessinsider.com/jets-sam-darnold-contract-holdout-details-ugly-2018-7 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/jets/2018/07/29/new-york-jets-sam-darnold-contract-roquan-smith-chicago-bears/860512002/ https://deadspin.com/why-sam-darnolds-holdout-was-bigger-than-the-jets-1827971592
  2. ESPN and sports media pure and simple. - How ESPN portrays Jets fans acting during the draft (even though EVERY fanbase acts the same way, we were just the ones televised because it was in NY for so long). Toss in constantly replaying the buttfumble every 3 weeks for really no reason. - Our own NY sports media. It's a shark tank and the Jets are the chum. Most other cities have two maybe three beat reporters for their team. We have about 71, and they are all aiming to be relevant, so they one up each other with fabricated stories and "sources", but it damages the teams image in the process. I live in Indianapolis and there's ONE sports reporter here, Bob Kravitz, and even when the Colts were inept, you wouldnt hear that many bad things about them, and you wouldnt believe how much bad sh*t the media in Indy just quietly doesnt report on with regards to players getting in trouble.
  3. How is it not close? Bill traded Collins midway through his 4th season, we are discussing trading Jamal midway through his 4th season. 5th year option or not, I think you're caught up in the minutia of the contracts and missing the larger point... Prime players traded for future capital before you have to pay them on their big contract. Collins got traded, Cleveland overpaid him. His play went down. Bill got a 3rd, used it to get Brandin Cooks, saved 55 million, and then even got the dude back. If we traded Jamal, got a pick or two, flipped either for a Pro Bowler, and saved 50 million to distribute more wisely, then got Jamal back 3 years later because the team that overpaid him realizes it destroyed their cap, I'm positive you would sign up for it.
  4. Insert Jamie Collins. He was going into his final year of his contract and Bill could have picked up the option on him also, and then franchised him twice. So the exact same scenario.
  5. You are. But you're not the type to admit it. Even if its Lawyer Milloy, the situations are still vastly different. Milloy was saying and doing the right things and was rewarded with a contract by the very man that had input in drafting him. There are also still about 10 players Belicheck traded in their primes and subsequently flipped for future Pro Bowlers. Oh and not to mention this gem just two seasons later, when it dawned on Belicheck that he overpaid him, soooo...
  6. Not remotely the same. Assuming you're talking about Rodney Harrison, the situations were vastly different. One was signed as a free agent and not disgruntled, one is in the middle of his rookie contract and being a diva. Regardless of position, Belicheck has a longggg documented history of trading players in this exact scenario for draft picks and flipping those picks into multiple Pro Bowlers. I would be more than happy to provide you the list. But who cares about the details when you can just be a smart ass that's also wrong.
  7. This is exactly the time Bill Bellicheck would flip a player like Adams for future returns.
  8. We would be putting Sam Darnold in a rocket destined for the next habitable world with the hope he becomes SuperSam in another galaxy.
  9. 99% of people around here dont understand that British slang.

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