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  1. Current running tally for NFL/ESPN paid shills trying to advance the narrative that this incident was just a random accident. Adam Schefter Mike Florio Skip Bayless Ryan Clark Update as neccesary...
  2. That's exactly the part that gets me. Everyone hangs off BBs nuts for being the smartest coach in the league and knowing the rulebook better than anyone. Then he says yesterday "we didnt KNOWINGLY break any rules". How does anyone in a professional level believe that?
  3. Wish everyone on this board could come to a civilized mutual agreement to stop before it goes too far like we just did lol.
  4. I can assure you that's a dead end argument. I've lived in over 16-20 different countries, economically similar to the US and not, and I promise you, you're safer here than anywhere in the entire world. But im not going to get into that debate on this forum because it's going to get political and I would rather neither of us get banned, so let's agree to disagree whole heartedly.
  5. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/10/common-sense-likely-will-prevail-in-spygate-2/ PR Spin machine already in full force. First it was Schefter and now Florio. NFL working its magic.
  6. Everyone around the world loves killing each other, not exclusive to America. Man is inherently violent and will always find a way to murder, be it firearms, knives, or the first rock used to beat someone's head in.
  7. Those people will be dead within 6 months.... car crashes, natural causes, suicide.
  8. No way. Dont you remember what happened with MLB and the late 90s doping scandals? McGuire, Sosa, etc. Their ratings tanked for a long while, people didnt suddenly start tuning into more games and thank MLB for exposing those guys. It only reinforces the idea that cheating exists. Basically it validates that people have wasted their money for the last 2 decades, so why continue to spend on a product that is proven to be corrupt? Most of us on this board would motor on because let's face it, if you're reading this board, you're a die hard fan, however most fans are casual, and it doesnt take much for them to choose to spend their money elsewhere. People barely turn out for some games during bad weather, or losing seasons, can you imagine the amount that wouldnt show up if they knew their team never had/may never have a legitimate fair shot? The NFL would lose billions over night.
  9. Actual criminal charges are why Herndon got suspended and Hill did not. There is a difference between being on video, getting arrested for DUI and pleading guilty as opposed to merely being accused of a crime. This isnt a defense of Hill by any means, I think he is a scumbag, but two different things.
  10. I wish all the above would happen. But again, the NFL is going to do everything they can to make this go away without going nuclear on their own product. I see them getting dinged their next 1st rounder, a few more picks, Kraft and BB fined again. I also see them forcing Belicheck to retire, which would be no different than a suspension.
  11. I agree there should be severe punishment, draft picks, suspensions, or fines. Admitting that they have been doing this since day 1 and taking their SuperBowl wins away wont happen though. Personally, I think they should simply be denied entrance into Canton.
  12. This is never going to happen. 100% no use even thinking it would. I wish it would but thinking logically the NFL wont go there, it cant go there. Admitting so would tear down the NFL as you know it. Fans would lose all trust that it's a fair product on the field, and that trust is already shaky as it is with just the allegations and bad officiating. They will get docked draft picks as they always do. PR machine will go into full effect. Story will fade away.

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