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  1. Bill's only here to ruin Jets fans lives.
  2. Why must you pull up old wounds on a Saturday evening.
  3. The plus side of this ridiculous situation is that it's making time fly by before the draft because we arent all obsessed with who we are picking this year.
  4. The Raiders mired it in "performance" and "injury" related reasons, but everyone knew what they were doing. Much harder to do that in the offseason.
  5. I am eagerly anticipating the response to this absolutely brutal beatdown.
  6. We actually jumped up about 10 spots in regards to value of total draft picks. https://www.tankathon.com/nfl/power_rankings
  7. Nah. You just want to act like I am so that you can espouse your high and mighty attitude like you always do.
  8. You're projecting here. What's this have to do with anything I said? At all.
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