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  1. So you're saying @T0mShane has a shot.
  2. Oooooh. It's been a couple weeks for me too. I'm down to get riled up all over again. Hes a bust. We all know it. Its inevitable.
  3. @Jetsfan80 is a cinema neanderthal. He doesnt understand true artistic brilliance.
  4. Seriously. It actually makes me want to avoid watching their content. Maybe have a sticky post where all these get uploaded into? #TeamGreenBean
  5. Well hopefully Johnson helps put him out of a job eventually. I mean that in the nicest way possible lol.
  6. Only at the point AFTER it had nuked the fridge. Theres a difference.
  7. Except... I haven't commented until now. Because I knew it was pointless. It's sad you read the comment sections of news websites. Always make me laugh.
  8. 5 pages over a fake schedule. Only this forum lol.
  9. That's not how that came off. I'm not sure you watched the whole video though. They specifically talked about why would the dolphins social media post it. Regardless, I shared it to show the story was gaining traction, not that I agree with every viewpoint they had.
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