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  1. Neither. I would wait until after the first game of the season. David Clowney looked amazing in training camp once upon a time and well...
  2. You cant look like you raised your game until you played a game this season.
  3. This. If Quinnen William's were a 2nd-7th rounder, everybody wouldn't give a sh*t if he got traded.
  4. Alot has changed since this scouting report.
  5. My crystal ball says... Jets get number 1 overall in a couple years. Arch Manning decides to come out. Arch Manning hires Mike Macagnan. Mike Macagnan convinces Arch Manning to boycott coming to New York. It is written.
  6. Yet Streveler wont make the team, and Mims will. So Jetsy.
  7. Unquestionably the best episode of Twilight Zone that was ever made.
  8. My meme generating skills are unparalleled on this forum.
  9. : Paid for and brought to you by the Philadelphia Eagles PR Department.
  10. The resemblance is ******* uncanny...
  11. That's how I like my blowjobs.
  12. This keeps getting said over and over again and I dont understand. Just because he didnt get hit by another human being, doesnt mean there wasnt contact. The bone bruise was from the way his knee hit the ground when he fell most likely.
  13. If you watch the video, the bone bruise part could have been after the lateral movement, when he hits the ground with his knees.
  14. I was told in the game thread that its 100% OBVIOUSLY a torn ACL.
  15. That sh*t is brutal. I was out about 3 months with mine after I tore it.
  16. He really is. It should be a no brainer to go with Flacco and Streveler, possibly flip White for a late 6th or something.
  17. It's sad that I already lost interest in the season and decided to watch Thrashin tonight.
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