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  1. Nah. This is like saying "would you like to rent a ferrari for full price?".... but you currently have a Lamborghini in the driveway that's never been driven and has a 4 year warranty.
  2. World hunger, global warming, mass genocide, the very existence of Twitter... ... and THIS woman is what upsets you?... Bruh.
  3. If Jaleel Scott ever catches another pass for this team, JD should be fired.
  4. Shhhhh. Let people enjoy the little things.
  5. I only saw his stats from Temple earlier.
  6. This was already clarified.
  7. Got ya. Guess I wasnt seeing his Ole Miss stats.
  8. What is the fascination with this guy? He has 500 yards and 5 TDs... in 4 years of college football.
  9. Until he put up just 23 tackles.
  10. Did he not go the pick before where we were selecting?
  11. You have to think we were targeting Tommy Doyle there.
  12. I would have waited to get Brady Breeze in the 6th.
  13. God dammit. Waited hours and then.... trade.
  14. See? Even Arthur Blank just did it while not on stage lol.
  15. Sure I get it, but I find it quite strange 20+ people stutter on the exact same part. Curious if it's written strangely on the card? Oh the things that keep me up at night lol.
  16. Joking aside. I hope we take a round 6 kicker.
  17. Strange observation, curious if anyone else has noticed just how many times the people announcing picks have messed up or stuttered through the year. A vast amount of attempted to say "in the two thousand and twenty one" but stopped halfway through to change it to "twenty twenty one" or vice versa. It's happened well over a dozen times.
  18. Strange that the positions matched up... Coles announced Elijah Moore. Washington announced Carter.
  19. Lmao. Considering his personality and lifestyle, Trevor would HATE London.
  20. Jags pick announced from London lmao.
  21. I like the pick but this video will be worthless if he puts up 300 yards and 2 TDs this season. I dont believe that will happen but I'm not going to pretend this guy is better than AJ Brown until it actually happens.
  22. Not sure we watched the same video. That was 3 minutes of word salad. Nothing of real substance.
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