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  1. God damn this one made my night. Bringin the heat.
  2. Well said. Just end the thread after this one. That's a wrap.
  3. I beat Becton at COD on Sunday evening playing 18 rounds of 1v1. I won 17-1. He cried like a little bitch and said I just got lucky. True story.
  4. GVR is 10x the player Becton is when you factor in availability, and that's saying something. Bectons fat ass needs to shut the **** up and bury himself back in his bucket of KFC.
  5. Every coach in the NFL goes for it here. They have to. Game situation determines most of that.
  6. I dont buy this at all. I felt they were being rather generous in their criticism of our team and just pointing out obvious flaws.
  7. This is a green tinted glasses situation. Yes they allowed 1 sack, but jesus christ factor in the fact he was running for his life the rest of the time. This is like thanking a guy for making out with your wife but not having sex with her.
  8. After a win like that, look at this dude being a choom with his reply...
  9. Any update on Max Mitchel?
  10. And? Today wasnt growth for Zach. If you think so, its fools gold. He made many many many of the same mistakes he made last season. It will be growth when he plays a solid 4 quarters.
  11. Best part of the win? We will actually get a 1 Jets Drive Tuesday most likely.
  12. Yeah Lafleurs first half left a LOT to be desired.
  13. I've been on the fence about Zach for some time, and still am. Was he good at the end? Yes, but he HAS to play better through an entire 4 quarters and consistently. We wont win games against better teams like this.
  14. 15 ******* seconds ran off before a TO. Saleh guna Saleh
  15. Does Saleh EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR do anything during the game??? Every god damn shot, he is just ******* standing there lifeless.
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