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  1. Dudes got bigger sh*t to worry about with that bitch-ass room he is streaming himself in. Have some self respect son.
  2. @T0mShane These days a man can have a part time job. Theres still a year and half to go here.
  3. Short lived Legend of Zelda cartoon. Cant help it, I'm a product of the 80s.
  4. @jetsons What do you need help with? It's a pretty straightforward question.
  5. I'm curious to find out more info here... Are inactive players not allowed to use the IPads or in game material? Historically, I cant recall ever seeing an inactive player do much of anything on the sideline. Are there rules in place that they cant interact with coaches/players in certain capacities? Granted, it's a snapshot of an entire 3 hours on the sideline, but boy howdy does that picture look ******* bad for that kid, is he just being the pouty little bitch half the world thinks he is?
  6. There cant possibly be anyone left to weed out right?
  7. Mike White once took a vacation to the Virgin Islands... Now they're just the Islands.
  8. Mike White doesnt teabag.. he potato sacks.
  9. Theres much more impressive guesswork in the predict Mike White thread.
  10. Some of us were pretty damn close. Final stat line... 22 of 28 315 Yards 3 TDs
  11. I'm happy were winning but we should be winning 21-10 right now. This regime plays to keep games close and eventually that will bite them in the ass.
  12. ******* atrocious game management by Saleh there. 17 seconds ran off that clock from the sack until the timeout was finally called.
  13. I cannot ******* STAND this Mike Slapnuts Lafleur offense. Its ******* infuriating to watch. How many god damn plays are designed to be be 10 yards from the sticks? Seriously?
  14. Only the Jets can make Trevor Semen look like Tom Brady.
  15. Do you mean 300 yards and 3 TDs? Or 3 of 300 passing attempts? That would be something for sure.
  16. That just shows how low the bar was for that draft class.
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