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  1. 41 minutes ago, choon328 said:



    There is an option bonus in his contract that can be triggered at any time this offseason that turns his guaranteed $58.3 salary this year into a bonus that would spread over the next 4 years. His salary cap numbers:

    2023: $15.79 million

    2024: $32,541,666 million

    2025: $51,141,166 million

    2026: $45,291,668 million

    If a team wants to go all in over the next couple of years his cap numbers are good. 

    If this is true, you make that trade. Wtf do we have to lose anyways? 

    Or are we supposed to be patient and hope for a drafted QB to work out...one day... ? 

  2. 39 minutes ago, section314 said:

    Yes. We hit the Knicks/ Pacers the night before. That arena is gorgeous.

    Looked great to begun with, and they are still currently remodeling it. It looks even better right now. They are building an outdoor venue right next to it that's going to be an ice rink in the winter, and public courts in the summer. 

    All of that is supposed to be completed before we host the 2024 All Star game. 

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  3. 16 minutes ago, section314 said:

    Didn’t you tell last year during the combine that they are worried the NFL may move it someplace else?

    Yes, but the coaches and scouts voted against it. So the NFL kicked the issue down the road. The one and only reason the NFL execs are considering moving it, is to turn it into a traveling circus like the draft. They have been testing fan attendance for a couple years now with mixed results. 

    As for why the coach and personel departments love having the combine here and voted against it..

    1 Indy is somewhat low key and they dont get hounded by fans excessively when in town. Locals are used to it being here and kind of treat it as just another event. When these guys take people out to dinner and such, they are treated as normal people and given privacy at most places. 

    2 The way downtown Indy is laid out, the medical facilities where college players get testing are right by the stadium, as are all the hotels. You can walk most of downtown and almost never go outside with the skywalks connecting the hotels, convention center, and arenas. The entire downtown is walkable and it isnt neccessary to Uber all over the city to get places. 

    3 As I said before, the access to the city is very easy for everyone across the country, west and east coast etc. 

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  4. 47 minutes ago, Lith said:

    Game should have been in Indy.  Much more driveable for the fans of both teams.

    Too short of notice. They pre book hotels here far in advance for the events that we host. 

    Indy is actually the busiest convention/conference city in the United States for the exact reason you stated, it's easy and fair distance to get to for mostly everyone in the country.

    JamFest, FFA, NRA, Gen-Con, Indy 500, Brickyard, PRI, Bands of America, Do it Best, etc. Not to mention the home of the NCAA and all the collegiate sporting events that happen here every other week. 

    These things happen weekly here and are upwards of 40-80,000 visitors. Trying to fit a surprise 60,000 extra visitors at the same time was just never a realistic option, mostly due to hotel space. We have an amazing amount of hotel rooms in the city, but not that much. 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    Hell yeah. New generations cant possibly know. 


    If I wanted to get somewhere? Uber? Wtf is that? Walk my ass there or grab the bmx bike.picture_005_copy1_lg.jpg.b62ad1c7778667c4b6d21ef8b89755d0.jpg

    Wanted to learn to drive? Taught myself to drive stick off of the Knight Rider Knight2000 playset. unnamed.jpg.7e4de7e132436dc3022b227be916dba7.jpg

    Wanted to watch porn? Better hope you have time to watch the fuzzy Spice channel, hoping to see the occasional tit. tumblr_nki406a6dp1ruj667o1_1280.gif.b3f05978a98be4efe40ffcf3f44d339e.gif

    Play Video games online and pay for all the good sh*t? LMAO. Better hope your buddy had a monthly subscription to a gamer magazine to hope someone wrote a cheat code article!np050-cover.jpg.49ae587c1c7df8ddf1f04e59565edd58.jpg

    Be dumb enough to die from a TikTok challenge drinking Draino or eating a Tide Pod? Nah, we knew better than that if this bad boy sticker was on that bottle!!! Yuck Man represent. 840536322_stsmall507x507-pad600x600f8f8f8.jpg.bbd194168ca2077a48a3628482f5a1c9.jpg

    Want to sext with a girl and exchange nudes? I wish. We had to call a 1800 number and listen to some 300lb woman with 1 leg talk like a Penthouse model to us. __ia_thumb.jpg.a0ce9b28dcff85685d13006b381b849a.jpg



    Chumps. Grow a pair. You cant hang with a Gen Xer. 


    I'm still on a tear about this lol..

    Does a kid today know pain? TF you talkin about? You dont know pain until this ****er racks you in the shin.0kks1rcz2p6z.jpg.8902a1368469fc7808e57cb88076463d.jpg

    Want to impress a girl at school by your Social Media follower count? Please. You've never had more bitches in your life line up to sit with you at lunch when you whip out the best lunchbox in class.vintage-1985-k-lunchbox-thermos-80s_1_78f3022477474683dcc8aaf55adf535d.thumb.jpg.3a778ec574035af1d02dc7ad500cb7ee.jpg

    Stay safe in your neighborhood? Amber Alert around to protect you? LMAO, back in the 80s your ass just got kidnapped and learned to grow up with your new fam dawg. homepage_1200_627_fb.thumb.png.e3ba348d92a071e5557197a02601870a.png



    End rant. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    I think it happened but it would be a lot funnier if it didn't. 


    Just now, GangGreened said:

    Idk why, but I actually believe it. Like the pretzel thing, it just seems too specific to be fake. And I bet after that game was the lowest point of JDs career to date.

    could be fake though 


    There has never been a single indication that Joe Douglas is anything but cool and collected, and we just believe a rando from the interwebs? 

    Listen, I ******* hate JD with a passion, but cmon what's more likely? JD randomly goes off on a fan? Or Some rando wants to pump his YouTube channel?

  7. 2 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    It all filters back to Woody Johnson.  Nevermind who the OC will be.  Look at the big picture.  The common elemnt in all the failure is and has been Woody Johnson

    Definitely agree with that, but ultimately that isnt changing so I dont dwell on that one. 

    The people we can dwell on are JD and Saleh. 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    well what do you expect?  Even those here who wear the greenest of green-tinted lenses know the owner is an absolute moron when it comes to taking care of the team he owns. Bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. Non stop. Woody Johnson is really and literally an idiot when it comes to hiring for this team.

    Woody is an idiot for hiring JD and Saleh, but the fact that all we're looking at is newbie OCs has nothing to do with Woody and everything to do with Robert Saleh. 

    If left to Woody, we would be hiring a veteran OC that's a re-tread. 

    I think most people can more or less agree Woody wants Zach to ultimately be the answer, and him pushing a OC with no experience to make that happen doesnt make sense. 

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  9. 33 minutes ago, AFJF said:

    Loved this description of the Jets OC search that I thought it deserved some attention.

    This is absolutely baffling.  You've got a top 5 defense and in looking for a new OC, you're interviewing fifty guys who have never held the position before.

    What's with all the screwing around?


    Saleh is a clown.

    That's literally all there is to it. 

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