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  1. Hes never had a mid season to BE in mid season form.
  2. Boy we are the kings of not taking advantage of situations.
  3. How TF... Does LITTLE CEASARS become the official pizza of the NFL?
  4. Let me rephrase. Is it the first 10-0 lead to start a game?
  5. Serious question. Is this the first 10-0 lead Saleh has had as our coach?
  6. File that under sh*t I didnt expect to happen for our first TD today.
  7. Pickett is going to come in at the half and light us up for 4 TDs.
  8. Nothing like 1 pass and a 3&out to calm the nerves eh?
  9. Super Bowl winning potentially Hall of Fame coach Vs. some scrub defensive coordinator head coach in over his head. This should be fun.
  10. And not to mention, why would a young Steelers fan even write it? That chick is a single mom hoping a young stud QB drops in her DMs.
  11. Ahhhh game day. Time for our weekly reminder that Saleh is not the answer.
  12. Good, thus an indicator that he is ready to run for his life today. Better than a wide open waterfall anus.
  13. This is just a lesson in thread titles. Do better.
  14. Ill just make you food my man! And arm wrestling isnt exactly my strong suit. I'm more of an air hockey guy, but im the 17x Eastern Indiana Air Hockey Champion. 1989-98, 2000-07 We dont talk about 99 in my household.
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