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  1. Methinks you should do more research than looking up his status in 2017. 3 years later, looking back, the Colts wouldnt have wasted a 2nd pick on him, thus why they dumped him for a garbage 6th.
  2. I live in Indy, watched a lot of their games. Theres a reason Colts let him go for a late 6th...
  3. It's not about being happy/sad. It's about being realistic. You're a Jets fan as much as I. We've heard the "great draft" praise many many times over the years. "Steal of the draft" how many times? What's it produced on the field. All I'm saying, is what im reading on this board seems to be overly optimistic about all this, and the same things were said during every regime change over dating back to forever. I dont even want to be right/wrong. I want everyone to temper their expectations realistically.
  4. I love how many people on here are on their knees in front of JD for every pick cause...Jets. He made some good picks, some head scratchers, and now we wait and see. I hope the product on the field is as electric as you all seem to feel right now.
  5. We went into this draft with a severe lack of depth at WR. Doubling down was widely expected among analysts and fans. Not everything is a complaint, but its concerning. Even WITH Mims, we still have a bottom 5 WR room, so go back to downvoting everyone like you normally do and be quiet.
  6. 1 WR in this loaded draft class. The only possible explanation I can think of is that they are gambling that some vets get cut in training camp.
  7. I'm old enough to remember when each of their first drafts happened and what was being said at the time.
  8. You should have seen the math debate we all had here last night. So many people thinking we gained 2 4th rounders without acknowledging we gave up picks/better draft capital to receive them. It was mind boggling.
  9. During/immediately after the draft we have a history of having a "great draft class" Then reality sets in.
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