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  1. This isnt a knock on the players we drafted, but I truly believe JD got absolutely wrecked by teams in front of him this draft. I bet from rounds 2 and on that his players kept getting snaked, and he kept attempting trade backs. You can somewhat guess this by the amount of time our picks are taking to place. A lot of other teams seem to be running to the podium.
  2. Loved getting roasted yesterday for hating on our trade downs. Now, 14 hours later, half of you see the results and are joining the dark side. Welcome.
  3. ******* ESPN man. Every time we are about to pick, commercials. Selection happens, barely a minute talking about the prospect. On to the next team. Every time.
  4. Maybe he doesn't want to block for Cousins again?
  5. Highly doubtful Wingo was riffing. I bet a solid dollar he was reading mostly off a teleprompter at least a bit.
  6. YES. Good lord their broadcast was atrocious. Graphics set up, layout of interviews with people, sound, lag, you name it.
  7. The average intelligence of this message board took a big hit tonight. It's really disappointing.
  8. This is laughable and highly entertaining. I wish I had a live video feed of the moment you finally understand the math.
  9. I'm not wrong at all. Thousands of years of human math and science back me up. Please let me know the moment it dawns on you.
  10. What dont any of you understand? We gave up our 3rd rounder to do that, which means we didnt net 2 "extra" 4th rounders. We exchanged two picks, and gained 1. That 2021 6th means nothing.
  11. That's a response from someone realizing that they are wrong. Cheers bud. I've done my job here.
  12. You can joke all you want. You will just continue to look like a fool for not understanding math... like at ALL. If I have a dollar and you have 2 dollars, and we exchange our money. How much do you have?
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