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  1. I agree. But I'm not giving up ANY assets to trade up for a running back not named Jonathan Taylor. One of the top 5 RBs is inevitably going to be there at the beginning of the 3rd.
  2. If we trade up in the first 3 rounds I will punch a small baby. There are PLENTY of good RBs this year. And honestly the best one isnt even playing in this game. Jonathan Taylor and it's not close.
  3. Too bad he would be going to a team with a QB that wouldnt be able to get him the ball.
  4. Who cares. LSU was gifted 10 yards with Hellaire touching out of bounds. So call it even.
  5. We should end the thread with this. Truth.
  6. I can rub one out to her scene in Wolf of Wall Street anytime I want. I refuse to hand cash over to such swill.
  7. A Birds of Prey looks TERRIBLE. B Who even asked for this movie?
  8. Hari-Kari. Specifically Seppuku. Death by self disembowelment.
  9. I am officially on board with Higgins if we picked him. I argued against it several weeks ago, but I'm sold.
  10. I'm not judging you. It's just a quick recipe for disaster on the forum.
  11. No politics friend. You will get banned quickly.
  12. He probably the biggest case to ever be made for a prospect sitting a season out honestly.
  13. Seriously though... WHEN do we get to see the Dr Pepper Big Fan??? I'm dying here.
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