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  1. Yeah I know but it's a good indicator of JDs ability to bring in appropriate value for the trade.
  2. Draft value chart says we lost that trade by 14 points. Pick 48 - 420 points Picks 59/101 - 406 points
  3. I think everyone better get used to the fact we arent getting Mims immediately. He is going very soon. I doubt we select WR in round 2 now that Pittman and Higgins are gone.
  4. I wont argue about every pick being an unknown, but the entire point of the draft order is to give the worst teams a chance to draft the best possible players, the highest picks of which are widely expected to make immediate impacts, and that expectation lowers until pick 255. We did not do that with our pick that year. There is ample evidence to back that up.
  5. Rookie years. Donald - 48 tackles/9 Sacks/13 QB hits/18 TFL Buckner - 73 tackle/6 Sacks/18 QB hits/7 TFL Williams- 28 tackles/2.5 Sacks/6 QB hits/4 TFL One of these things is not like the other... doesnt seem like it's me that needs a clue.
  6. What lol? Regardless of the preconceived notions of the player, a 3rd overall pick should be stepping on to the field and making a difference immediately. That did not happen.
  7. Which is understandable for someone picked 3rd overall.
  8. Fan base didnt turn on him, most of us were never in favor of him to begin with.
  9. Nope. Mac wouldn't even have selected an OT. So theres that.
  10. Lolllll this may be the beginning of my turn to the dark side. I truly hope not though. I want the kid to succeed, but personally I just dont see it.
  11. That's funny because I'm one of the more positive people on here and hated it.
  12. Well at least we can agree on Alway Sunny.
  13. Ok let me clarify. It's easy to compare past drafts with hall of famers after their body of works have completed to incoming rookies. Very easy. I too could find 100 instances as you said. But when we talk about a "generational talent" being available in a draft these days, and then he goes 3rd at his own position, a very real question should be asked as to why. If he is as sure fire hall of fame as half the people on the board claim, how come 2 other OTs were taken before him, how come at least 2 other teams passed on even drafting him in favor of another position? I will bet you a buffalo nickel there are far more instances of players of his type being over drafted, than the opposite.
  14. JTJet

    the call.

    Currently it isnt, but if I'm not mistaken it will be allowed in 2021 with the change of the CBA. I'm pretty sure they did away with the one helmet rule.
  15. Such a simple view of the situation. Congrats.
  16. Fair guess they were trying to trade out once Wills got snaked in front of them.
  17. Now that's an angle I can at least see honestly. Nowhere but up.
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