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  1. You are the only person on the entire planet remotely mentioning Becton and Hall of Fame in the same breath. I will bet you my soul, the dude is out of the league in less than 6 years.
  2. This ******* sucks man. I'm tired of this BS. Why do we ALWAYS do this sh*t.
  3. Fire him right the **** now.
  4. Patriots South Beach Division got him lol.
  5. One step closer to our doomed destiny with Becton. I dont even know why we are wondering what's about to happen here.
  6. How many ******* people do we need to give a speech before this starts... seriously.
  7. JTJet

    Draft Rumors

    I will buy every hat Becton has left over as long as there is a Jets hat in the pile and not on his head.
  8. Pittman Jr will be the best WR from this draft. Mark it down. And like I've said before.... this is his gf...
  9. JTJet

    Draft Rumors

    I have a love hate relationship with this thread. Burning desire to find breaking news about a Jamal trade, then about to puke when I see rumors of that awful Eagles trade scenario.
  10. I'm sorry I didnt mean turd... I meant steaming pile of sh*t.
  11. Shame on you for utilizing the great Bill S Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan to praise a turd like Becton. You should take a time out for that.
  12. Becton all day. He is the Qunnien Williams of OTs.
  13. You know its Jets draft day when you woke up 10 times at night due to anxiety.
  14. Lol well I'm not saying dismiss every single tweet right now ever, but this week specifically if it's a "source" or an "insider", theres about a 95% chance it's bullsh*t smokescreen.
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