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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed this. Talking about getting "closer" to the playoffs with a week 5 game lol.
  2. I wouldnt let the Houston Def Cord even walk back to the field after halftime. His walking papers should be warm off the printer right now.
  3. Two. Both 4th down decisions were extremely dumb. Not going for the conversion the first time, then the extremely dumb fake punt. He made a similar error in judgement last week on a 4th conversion. They should seriously consider a coaching change if they lose.
  4. Probably one of the more obvious lopsided call games this postseason. They are absolutely throwing flags left and right on Houston for ticky tack PIs, meanwhile KC mugging guys freely. NFL cant have it's two new poster boys BOTH knocked out of the playoffs.
  5. Remember the time Gase wanted Fells but Mac drafted Wesco? #neverforget
  6. Groan. Have some fun now and again.
  7. Never let anyone forget - Josh Allen has a losing record in the playoffs. - Lamar Jackson has a losing record in the playoffs. - Sam Darnold does not have a losing record in the playoffs lol. Bold prediction: Sam wins a playoff game before any other QB in that draft class.
  8. Judon is about the only person on that list I'm remotely interested in.
  9. JTJet

    Trading Up

    All day, every day.
  10. First time in a year? How about first time, period?
  11. Yep. Truly a downfall of the series I believe. May be the narrator's voice too. Jamison Crowders story is the one that stuck with me the most. His play on the field mixed with his personal life quickly put him on top of my list of favorite Jets.
  12. It seemed like it was done mostly after wins. I do agree, it should be weekly no matter what, but I kind of understand the logistics and cost of something like that at least. I bet if we win, you see these come out way more.
  13. I hope they keep these going. I do like them a lot, especially how quickly they come out, even though its essentially propaganda. (Conspicuously absent from the majority of the series, and completely shut out of the season ending highlights at the end... Baby Q!)
  14. We didnt even talk to him. But you can chalk that up to slap nuts Macagnan just being an idiot.
  15. Wont argue that at all. Just read some articles about players and how they view potential teams. They are people looking for a job, just like a lot of people. They consider state taxes, nightlife, weather, etc etc, and have families that influence them too. If the money is similar, players have historically avoided Buffalo like the plague, compared to almost every team in the league. Its literally thought of as the absolute worst living situation in the NFL. Not as a football mind just as a person, do a test on yourself for a minute, if I offered you 80 Million and said Buffalo or NY. Where you going? 100% of people are going NY. The players are no different. If the money is similar, NY at least gives them an option for better endorsements and potential future media gigs.
  16. It's this easy. "Nowhere but up" We could sign literally any FA linemen, and odds are, we are getting better.
  17. You havent established as a contender until you win a playoff game. They sit at 25-23 in the Beane/McDermont era. Went 6-10/10-6 the last 2 years. Lost their last 4 games and got absolutely embarrassed again in the playoffs (not in a blow out sense, but a futz it up sense) I will worry when 3 things happen. 1- They have back to back winning seasons. 2- They win a playoff game. 3- We are in a FA battle with them for someone, and they actively choose Buffalo when the money is similar or less. That's when we should worry. Read this, it's from last year's FA period and not much has changed since then, other than win a few more games. https://theathletic.com/790400/2019/01/29/siberian-stigma-how-the-bills-recruit-free-agents-to-buffalo-and-why-deep-pockets-dont-always-help?source=shared-article It's an interesting read.
  18. Agreed. Our very own team has proven time and again it doesnt matter how much or little you spend. Its who you spend it on (for better or worse lol) These are the most notable FA signings for each team of all time. I would say we have always had an edge, no matter how good or bad we or the Bills are. Bills Doug Flutie Sam Gash Terrel Owens James Lofton Ted Washington Mario Williams London Fletcher Takeo Spikes Steven Hauschka Jets Leveon Bell Eric Decker Ladanian Tomlinson Bart Scott Alan Faneca Nick Folk Damien Woody Vinny Testeverde Victor Green Calvin Pace Brandon Moore Curtis Martin Kevin Mawae
  19. Talk to me after you've looked into the history of FA signings with the Bills. Then compare that to both NY teams and the Florida market teams. Players are notorious for wanting to be in big markets for endorsements. But you wont do that because it shows you're wrong. We have historically sucked, but managed some of the best free agents, not just because of money, but its NY.
  20. You should know by now as a Jets fan Lots of cap space means absolutely nothing. It has gotten us nowhere and I've seen teams with very little cap space, still sign great FAs. Regardless of current situations, the New York/New Jersey sports market will always be more attractive to players over Buffalo. Every. Single. Time.
  21. What am I cherry picking? I just gave you literally all the numbers.
  22. I can try and dig it up. May take awhile longer though, gotta research who was a candidate at the time etc.
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