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  1. All I'm calling... 50% of Jets fans will be unhappy.
  2. JTJet

    Vegas stadium

    Very true lol. Its surrounded by an industrial area mostly, so kinda fits in.
  3. JTJet

    Vegas stadium

    I feel ya, I lived around the old RCA Dome many moons ago in Indianapolis, it was a sh*t hole, even had chunks of concrete falling down at times. Now with Lucas Oil, it's actually a pretty bad ass place, concerts suck there though.
  4. Teams with similar win/loss records flip flop order every round.
  5. JTJet

    Vegas stadium

    And the product inside both are equally toxic.
  6. These guys are making on average 50x more money than you or I make, coupled with access to resources you or I wouldnt have access to. A large majority of these guys have personal gyms, personal trainers, personal dietitians, teams could literally have their exact meal plans delivered to them hot every day, video conference workouts, fly them on private planes to an area not under lockdown, etc etc. You cant ask the question you're asking while in your own shoes, you have to put yourself in their shoes. Everything is easier to accomplish when you make a 300k-6mil a year.
  7. Well yeah, he is a master of propaganda so the signs have been there for awhile lol.
  8. I see what you did here lol and I love it.
  9. Yeah for sure, I agree with that. But he has only made the field 50% of his career so far.
  10. Ehhhhhh lol. I WANT to be sold on Herndon but he is coming up short so far. Year 3 he needs to make it the whole season and produce.
  11. I swear almost everybody that puts out a mock basically forces Becton on us. Im not saying he IS but it's almost like they think he is the WORST of the top 4, so they push him on us, because were the Jets.
  12. Simply. Yes 100%. Theres way more history of this stuff to back up my point of view than not, and this would be tame compared to the levels teams have went to. https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft2014/story/_/page/hotread140312/nfl-draft-misinformation-smoke-screens-standard-fare-evaluation-season https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/columnist/bell/2019/04/20/nfl-draft-lying-season-means-dirty-tricks-misinformation-norm/3528356002/ https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/The-time-of-disinformation-23210/ Theres about 1000 more articles detailing the practices if you're interested. I'm not sure how long you have followed draft season, but the first few weeks of April have a reputation for exactly what I'm talking about.
  13. It's amazing the depths teams go to to spread the disinformation. It's well documented the crazy sh*t teams have done, and you're right, it's really predictable if you are paying attention lol. Its also worth noting some of it is clearly fans with a compulsion to pretend like they have insider info, hell we have several of those guys on this forum.
  14. You clearly dont understand how the spread of disnformation works. They arent basing their decisions off one analyst, no. But enough disinformation getting out into the world can cause people to second guess themselves. GMs and Coaches are notorious for trying to read the tea leaves for years. Not sure why people are surprised about this? This is something that retired GMs/Coaches have talked about doing the entire history of the draft.
  15. 100%. Without. A. Doubt. I believe absolutely nothing the week before/of the draft.
  16. That means nothing. A lot of analysts and Reporters are merely mouthpieces for teams this close to the draft, especially former players. This is nothing new.
  17. This is Cleveland Browns leaked disinformation. They are just using Joe Thomas to put it out into the world. Basically they are trying to get someone to sleep on one of the lower "ranked" OTs on his list. Believe nothing from anyone this close to the draft.
  18. We may as well skip this to the end and get the debate going in this thread too. Trade Jamal! Now!
  19. Trading 11 for 21/53/103 would be fair. We wouldnt even half to throw anything else in and we could probably even get more. With that being said, a simple trade like that could net us something like this. I say do it.
  20. So basically anything@Defense Wins Championshipsposts?
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