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  1. Gase. Hes started every game....unfortunately.
  2. Moved up two spots in draft order today.
  3. Do you honestly think they are going to force an owner of Kraft's level to sell the team? These arent NBA owners. That's just fantasy talk.
  4. Both of those guys are going to be on the NFL 100 all time team this year, Bill is even hosting the damn thing and on the selection committee. No way will the NFL in the span of a month announce them as all time greats and subsequently call them cheaters. They are going to fine the organization in general and dock draft picks and that's it. Hope I'm wrong. Can you imagine cheating for 15 years and then announcing yourself on the NFL all time team as one of the greatest coaches?
  5. #1 Xmas movie ever in my mind. In fact, you've inspired me to watch it tonight.
  6. Anyone remember the time RonaldJet said David Blough plays QB better than Darnold?
  7. On the 12th day of Christmas Macagnan sent to me 12 wasted draftpicks 11 crappy starters 10 mil a year running back 9 2019 losses 8 penalties a game 7 crappy linemen 6 years of misery 5 yearly wins 4 Defensive Tackles 3 1st round busts 2 back to back safeties, and A wild eyed Adam in a coaching tree
  8. No coincidence that the Bengals game is close. Pats destroy these teams normally. But they dont have their footage.
  9. Lot of dropped passes in the Pack/Bears game. You would think Jets recievers were playing out there.
  10. Personally I think this is very obvious that things are going down in some way shape or form like this. Probably isnt even that cloak and dagger. I would imagine the film crew simply hands Belichick and his analysts the footage and just leaves everything off the books and doesnt outwardly say anything about it. Some media shills believing Belichick couldn't be stupid enough to do this again is ridiculous. One thing well documented in history about people that cheat in any form of life, they never ever stop. What makes this any different? What I think is the most damaging is how obvious it is that the person taping knows he is wrong and makes excuses and offering to delete. I think that says even more than the actual footage.
  11. Agreed. I wish the NFL had the nutsack to make an example of them. Sadly, they do not.
  12. While I want it to happen too... We wont be healing up a bit or getting guys back with 2 more games on a losing season. This is where guys start going on IR like wildfire and bottom feeders start getting more reps. Yeah Darnold and some key guys will still play but you're going to start seeing a lot of newer names the next two weeks.
  13. They havent updated that I awhile for the 6th rounder. We lost one for Hairston.
  14. -Leaf's draft status -Montana's poise -Elway's legs -Nagle's contempt from the fanbase
  15. I mean... why not? Everyone else thinks these matter. Thoughts? Think we can all agree he is middle of the pack here lol.
  16. Mad props. Especially a week away from potentially the worst SW movie ever released.
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