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  1. You're saying someone's argument is weak, then you compare the contract of a safety to a cornerback... ?
  2. I wont argue that. But I think fair logic would say that if you can turn 1 blue chip player into 2-3 blue chip players, it is worth the risk.
  3. Theres no spinning anything, you just dont understand context in the least bit. The Pats that year had Ty Law, Teddy Bruschi, Richard Seymour, Willie McGinnest, Tom Brady, Ty Warren, Matt Light, Mike Vrabel, Asante Samuel, and Damien Woody. 10 hall of fame players and a hall of fame coach when they chose to pay him, which means they had the luxury to overpay for that one piece to their puzzle. The Jets have MAYBE one future HOFer (Bell), and nowhere close to the luxury to spend resources on a safety. Also, it's worth noting the Pats had to restructure his contract barely 3 years later because it was so bad.
  4. Maybe, BUT the Patriot way had to start somewhere, and so do we. Bellicheck was far from the greatest coach ever, and the GOAT wasnt the GOAT, when they started their model. Gase, Darnold and the Jets had a better first year than Belicheck and the Pats, and now we have an opportunity to possibly copy their model using Jamal as the first domino. Is it a smart move? Maybe/maybe not, but factoring in our history of ineptitude and rare blue chip player currently at maximum value, we almost have to take the chance to try.
  5. Wow. In depth analysis there. The fact that's all you can come up with further proves my point.
  6. False. This is the exact business model Belichick has deployed for 2 decades, and they won 6 Super Bowls. The Patriots trade talent at their peak and flip them for younger talent at positions of need basically every year. Richard Seymour, Deion Branch, Jamie Collins, Chandler Jones, Jimmy Garropolo, Matt Cassel, Logan Mankins. All the above traded players turned into... Joe Thuney, Trey Flowers, Nate Solder, Patrick Chung, (just to name a few) and cap flexibility each of the following years to sign significant key vets. AND, that's not including the free agents they then let walk yearly. Vinatieri, Welker, Van Noy, Flowers, Solder, Browner, Revis, Ryan, Vereen, Ridley. Then they reap about 47 comp picks. The exact model you are saying is "bad business", is exactly what has won a team we hate 6 Super Bowls over 20 years. (Minus the cheating of course) The business model works perfectly, and you are upset that we want to try it out one time? Remind me again how the business model WE have executed as a team the last 20 years has worked?
  7. I live in Indy. There are no strippers in the city worth the risk lol.
  8. Fair, but one is good, the other never was. The only thing Jamal Adams has in common with Johnny Manziel is a first initial.
  9. Especially when you consider the fact that he is deciding not to attend a virtual meeting, when everyone is in quarantine, with nothing else to do. Kind of makes your point more obvious I think. #leadership
  10. Our new ones are meh at best. I love the green helmet, but yes a jet incorporated into the logo would have been great. I just dont understand Nike's thought process with the NFL. The college uniforms they produce are generally dope as hell.
  11. I mean, your name is "GAS"tineau Lives. ...the signs have always been there!
  12. Anybody have some graphics enhancing tech on their computers? Let's take a look at those papers on the desks!
  13. With white facemasks. I love those.
  14. I thought his was @RoutzR2Hrd
  15. You mean Misipi I think.
  16. I think it's important to remember that Cro didnt return nearly as much as those others. It was more situational. Are we going to put Jamal under the linebacker category too?
  17. I say this in every uniform thread. Nike has done a terrible job with the NFL uniform license. If you notice, every time they make a drastic change to "update" the uniforms, they change it back to a previous iteration. - Bucs, Browns, Fins, Jags Right now the Jets, Rams, and Falcons are 4-5 years away from just going back to more classic unis.
  18. Possible yes, but Gettlemen plays to his own tune and I have a feeling he goes with Isaiah Simmons. Their defense was abysmal last year, far worse than their O Line, they have at least dumped some resources into the offense, and have not done so with the D. Annother reason is they need to be able to pressure Prescott and Wentz to keep up and stay in those divisional games, something they couldn't do this past year. Could go either way but I would be flabbergasted if they dont go with Simmons.
  19. Different perspectives is all it is lol. I guess I dont view Niang as an elite tackle, but he is very similar to Wanogho, so I felt comfortable waiting for another lineman. And to me the WR class is deep but I dont think deep enough to wait 4 picks in to select at least one. At least we agree on a 6th round kicker lol.
  20. Back to back OTs? And to top it off a 3rd round center after we just signed one in FA? No sir. Our receiver depth is far worse than our OLine after free agency. I would go this route with the exact same trade.
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