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  1. I do agree with that for the most part. He has had a second round grade for awhile though from what I've seen, and I dont think he did much during the season to really change that. Just my opinion.
  2. I can see that, but he is generally considered a 2nd round prospect, so I can see him sneaking into the end of the 1st at most but not up to 11 lol. There are way better players to be had there and and he is essentially the 4th maybe 5th best player at his own position.
  3. I always find it funny that no matter where we pick, people get upset that the best players may be "out of reach" and be gone by the time we pick. We could pick 3rd, 11th, or 22nd, and the prevailing thought pre draft is "dammit why did we win stupid games, the players we need are going to be gone" Then... The same people after the season happens, the script flips to "dammit why didnt we pick him, he was sitting right there" I think more often than not, we get burnt on people we passed on. Not people taken before us. Only way to be great, is to simply pick the correct player no matter what position you pick. Instead of 382 DTs in the first round.
  4. No. Just no. Did you watch this dude play in their Bowl game? He was steaming garbage in the biggest game of his career. He had more botched snaps in that game alone, than Harrison has had his entire time playing the position. He is roughly considered a top 25-32 prospect, so due to positional needs per team, he should be there for us in the 2nd round. Even if he isnt Creed Humphrey is basically a 1b compared to Biadasz and the value would be there in the 2nd for him.
  5. If only Mac felt this way about Q Williams... sigh.
  6. I think 3 QBs go in the top third of the draft. This is great news for us. The 3 teams after us all may need QBs depending on FA, Vegas, Indy, and Tampa. Could cause teams to want to trade with us and give up a haul. Pray Tua slips to us.
  7. I have to believe if Gurley can come back from a gruesome ACL injury as a RB and truck people in the pros, Tua can come back from a hip injury and be fine. We have seen stranger things happen in sports.
  8. I bet he throws at the combine but doesnt do many other drills.
  9. I think he still a lock top 10 pick, injury or not. Some team is going to trade up for him if he slips out of top 5, I can easily see the Raiders doing this to start off their era in Vegas.
  10. NFL bound. Good choice, was about to cost himself a ton of money.
  11. So far, from how Saban is talking, sounds like hes staying.
  12. UNCLE JOSH 80 Yard TD drive. No timeouts. Right now.
  13. You could have just stopped the thread after this post. Nothing is topping this lol.
  14. No worries man. I replied to your message. Just a missed opportunity to trade some fun banter back and forth and then it veered in another direction. All is well and no Pats/Bill's in the playoffs!
  15. Fair enough and completely fine between the two of you, so no judgement. But I'm 100% sure you wouldnt say any of those things to someone other than your wife out in public. So here we are.
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