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  1. 100% They were only OK in the regular season. A loss here after that 4/1 decision? I would show him the door before the bus pulls up.
  2. Just for clarification, I posted this because the Texans are choking. Not the Bills.
  3. But at the beginning of that era, Brady wasnt the Goat yet, in fact he was just slightly above average. - Tom Brady was 24 when he first won the SuperBowl, Sam just turned 22. Brady went on to have a fantastic career obviously. - Brady threw for 2843 yards 18 TDs 12 INTs in his first full season, Sam threw 2865 yards 17 TDs and 15 INTs, and he did it in 2 less games - Brady was a Pro Bowler only 2x in his first 5 years, now he is a perennial Pro Bowler. Sam has only played 2 years so far. - Belicheck was 36-44 with career .450 win%, made playoffs once with Cleveland, Gase was 23-25 with career .479 win% with Miami, made playoffs once. - Belicheck went 5-11 first year with NE, Gase went 7-9 first year with us. My point being that success HAS to begin somewhere, we dont know if it's starting for us or not, but it's better than it has been in the last 3 or 4 years. Everyone on here expects instant success overnight, that's not realistic, nor does it ever happened in the NFL consistently. We are just impatient. I'm old enough to remember when the Patriots sucked, Ravens sucked, 49ers sucked, Seahawks sucked (forever), Chiefs sucked, Vikings sucked, Titans sucked, Bills sucked (forever), Texans sucked (forever), Eagles sucked, and now every one of those teams is in the playoffs. None of those teams became good magically in one season, not even the Lamar Jackson Ravens. We will NEVER be good if we give up on young promising QBs after 2 years or coaches after 1.
  4. Shows the value of drafting correctly for whatever your system is.
  5. You are 100% right. This is exactly when smart teams strike. How many times did we see Belichick deal a player at this exact moment? Drew Bledsoe for a 1st - Drafted Ty Waren, won 2 Super Bowls with him. Deion Branch for a 1st - Drafted Brandon Merriweather, went to a Super Bowl with him. Richard Seymour for a 1st - Drafted Nate Solder, won 2 Super Bowls with him. Logan Mankins for a 4th - Drafted Trey Flowers, won 2 Super Bowls with him. Chandler Jones for a 2nd - Drafted Joe Thuney, won 2 Super Bowls with him. Jamie Collins for a 3rd - Flipped it for Brandin Cooks, went to a Super Bowl with him... THEN got Jamie Collins back lol. Everyone of those guys was a Pro Bowler in their prime or at very least close to it, every one played a more important position than safety, and every one netted a more important position at the time. But yes... you cant trade Pro Bowlers and be successful...
  6. We had the worst O Line in history. There. No need for a new thread, just saved you the time.
  7. Yeah that was on point. Was amazed that Indiana played so far back. They HAD to expect that.
  8. Literally the most epic collapse in awhile. They said FBS teams were 0-471 when trailing by that much with 5 minutes left lol. So Tennessee just made the most improbable comeback in years event though the score was low.
  9. Dumb ending. I dont think I've watched a game all Bowl season that was that weird at the end.
  10. This is a weird ass game at the end. Feel like theres a high dollar bettor on line to Vegas up in the suites greasing some hands for the spread lol.
  11. Bro... that was the most generous spot of bowl season.
  12. 100 bucks this guy shanks this field goal.
  13. How was that not intentional grounding ?
  14. Dont care for either team but that hold on the first touchdown drive was extremely suspect.
  15. Night is complete. My favorite fansville commercial aired.
  16. Hmm, weird. Idk if I ever paid attention to that.
  17. If this was real I would have ended up a Giants fan.
  18. So college rules question. Does the clock not stop when you run out of bounds, or are there variations on if it stops or not? Peyton Ramsey ran out of bounds that drive and the clock kept running.
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