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  1. They should have never went for that. Way too early to be going on 4th down.
  2. Well, you're going to see about 400 players named Peyton on Indiana. Lol.
  3. Thought your QBs last name was "Guantanamo" lol
  4. Let's get ittttt. Gotta root for Indiana man lol. Could care less if they win though, so prepare for some counter arguments lol.
  5. Lol beat me to it dude. Was going to post the thread. Knew you would be on here for it. I will jump on here around game time.
  6. Maybe that's exactly why. Becomes such a basic muscle memory at this point, that they almost dont think about it. Then when you introduce a variable like weather, grunting defensive linemen yelling random sh*t, warmer or colder football, they dont even think about adjusting. Then disaster. Idk really.
  7. That was so painful to watch. He botched at least 4 snaps.
  8. Yet he still got outcoached too regardless of talent. Multiple bad decisions on 4th downs, 10 or so penalties for almost a hundred yards, there were times he looked completely lost on the sideline.
  9. Rhule just got outcoached in every phase of the Sugar Bowl. Bet a few teams raise an eyebrow now.
  10. Weird sequence. Holding on Baylor on 1st down, moved them back, and then gave them 1st and 10?
  11. Yeah for damn sure. His football career just ended.
  12. Sooooo many dropped passes with all teams playing today. I dont recall ever seeing a day of football with so many.
  13. Absolute truth. I'm a tailgater tailgating to a tailgate
  14. Gigantic. However, that was definitely a missed call on defensive PI that would have made it 13-7. Great throw, receiver would have been hit in stride.
  15. As with anyone and everyone on this board... its enjoying telling people they are wrong. We all do it in fun. It's an internet message board. That's what it's for. If you need, I can take the reigns for your high horse while you watch the game.
  16. Ol Matty Rhules shine starting to fade a bit in this game. If Gase were coaching this game, we would have 71 posts demanding him to be fired by now.
  17. I could copy and paste that comment on what people were saying about Lamar Jackson pre draft lol.
  18. Agree to disagree. You dont throw for 10,000 career yards dink and dunking in college.
  19. Good fit. He is a local kid. I think that would work very well.
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