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  1. Good fit. He is a local kid. I think that would work very well.
  2. I'm half praying Rhule gets trounced. Just to shut the mouths on here up. However, your team is beat the **** up going into this game lol. Good luck though! I am rooting for Georgia.
  3. He did not. 29-12 as a starter. Big kid. Good kid. Mobile. 10,000 Yards 95 TDs 22 INTs He literally played the exact opposite of crap in his career, including this year.
  4. All this talk about Herbert. Brady Breeze is definitely the best player on that field. Well deserved player of the game.
  5. I didnt say that. I said maybe he is, maybe he isnt. We dont know yet, BUT he checks every box you want.
  6. And that first down pass in traffic probably secured the W.
  7. Such a simplistic view of things. It's not always on the QB. He just threw a clutch pass for first down to his TE and dude dropped it wide open.
  8. Save this post. I promise you, hes going top 15. He can throw it, has legs, and he is gigantic. Someone is picking him early. Is he clutch or neccesarily an NFL QB? Maybe maybe not. But he does check all the boxes.
  9. TE just probably cost them the game. Inexcusable drop.
  10. No. But they also have only had the ball 17 minutes the whole game due to great field position. Not really on him. Kid has played great his entire career. Is he elite? No. Is he Russell Wilson? No. Is he Mike Glennon? No. But he is worthy of being a 1st round pick for sure.
  11. He will go top 15. I will place a solid 100 on it right now.
  12. Yea hes responsible for 3 TDs and carrying the team on his back. What a waste.
  13. Had some interest in him before the game. I would stick with Jonathan Harrison over this guy.
  14. Not any more/less than any other team in regards to coaches who are let go. He had sour grapes that we interviewed him for the head coaching job and passed over on him. That's all.
  15. False. Botched 4 snaps tonight. I want nothing to do with this guy.
  16. Callahan highly unlikely to come back to the Jets. He left on a pretty sour note and wasnt happy how we treated him as an organization at the time.
  17. Nothing. Because our team didnt fire their head coach and their GM, after finishing 6-10 with one of the most talented rosters in the last 10 years. -Players wont leak much, because they have a massive talent deficiency that translated to poor play on the field. So they dont have room to talk. -Coaches wont leak much, because so far everyone is being retained. Not to mention, again, half of them dont have room to talk either. Only thing you're going to get this offseason is traded players that are butthurt about being traded running mouths, and Manish making sh*t up. Think you would talk sh*t about messes your boss makes if you knew fully well that you contributed to those messes?
  18. You assume that they will hit on even 25% of their picks. Griers track record does not back that data up what so ever.
  19. That's exactly what the Dolphins are doing as we speak. They are the 2015 New York Jets. - Inept ownership - Inept GM - Defensive coordinatior for coach - Chan Gailey as offensive coordinator - Karl Dorrell as wide receivers coach - No roster depth - Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB
  20. So if you go out to the store and buy a sh*tty couch, bring it back to your house, your wife hates it, you return it, and get a certificate for a couch that may or may not be better because it has extra pillows... you're supposed to get a pat on the back? Hell no. Your wife is going to be pissed you were dumb enough to buy the sh*tty couch to begin with.
  21. Gase was straddled with the exact same GM in Miami that he started out with here. Grier is another Macagnan. If we could turn back time, I would have bet a solid 100 if Tannehill didnt get injured they made the playoffs that year.
  22. How in the world is a player you drafted NOT being on the team anymore, a positive for the GM just because he got a return for him? Minkah, Drake, and Tunsil may be good but they all play for other teams. Grier picks Minkah, Tunsil, Drake, and Howard. Mac picks Leo, Darnold, Adams, Lee. So out of those 4, 1 plays for their team still and just got arrested for battery, sure to serve suspension beginning of next year. Out of our 4, 2 are bright spots for the future. And one may get a bigger haul in trade than any of their players got. Essentially they are mirror images of each other as GMs. Hell both guys even installed Fitz as their QBs lol.
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