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  1. Exactly right. Theres so many intangible aspects people dont consider when it comes to this stuff, like you said. Who would take the job, Joe Douglas contract, inter-personel with other departments, and most importantly, consistency of some sort for Sammy D. I find it funny that most the voices complaining about firing Gase, would then more than likely equally criticize ownership for changing coaches so often.
  2. Dumb. I cant wait until we rattle off 10 or 11 wins next year and make the playoffs... ... and still have the money in my pocket these fools wasted.
  3. Yes everyone did. There was nothing wrong with it. Manish was asking the question and he hates Gase, so in turn Gase doesnt like Manish, so he gave him a short non answer to be done with him. Too many people knocking Gases intelligence for silly stuff like this. I would say Gase is smart personally. He is thinking in long term, unlike most of us fans that see in short term. Which would you rather have? - Bell for 1 maybe 2 more years of good production. Or - The assets from a Bell trade, that you can use to draft areas of need with a longer shelf life? Example: 6-7 years of a good lineman.
  4. Lol I'm a wiz with the ol Pic-stitch app.
  5. Yes sir I did, and go right ahead lol
  6. So I emailed all the info on Manish to a reporter at Foxnews Let's see where it goes lol.
  7. All college coaches are going to shill for their players to be drafted higher even if they blow. It's a recruiting tactic.
  8. We need to fire our entire strength and conditioning staff.
  9. He should be a top priority. Period. I believe JD will absolutely retain him. He is big on the culture of rewarding people who perform, he did so with Ryan Griffen and he will do so with Jordan.
  10. Just for the record. Gase had a less talented unit that saw 12 players hit IR this season. Williams had a more talented unit that saw 8 players hit IR this season.
  11. Yes I would be in favor of that.
  12. For one hot second while reading this, I thought you were suggesting we take Delpit...
  13. Agreed. But ya know how NFL execs think lol.
  14. QBs are always over valued. Tua wont drop as much as people think. I think he SHOULD though.
  15. None of those teams have the firepower in draft picks like Miami does. They have 6 top 70 picks, 3 1sts, and 2 2nds.
  16. Yeah I get that, but isn't that every year no matter what slot we have? Same with any other team not picking 1? Just how the system is set up. I think we will get a damn good player cause I see 3 QBs going in the top 10 between Burrow/Tua/Herbert. Okudah/Young/Thomas are stone cold top 10 locks. Then there is always a random surprise in the top 10. We could be looking at Juedy/Lamb/Wirfs/Espenesa/Higgins/Shenault/Leatherwood. Damn good list of players in my mind.
  17. I bet good money Miami makes a Jets/Colts type trade with Wash/Detroit to secure a QB.
  18. So after all the people hoping we would lose today, we only dropped 1 spot but still got a W and ended the season on a high note.
  19. XFL caliber offense. Expansion team would have landed more than 2 stars on offense in an expansion draft lol.
  20. My personal favorite commercial is him cleaning up the trash in the seats after his friends leave. Has to feel pretty similar to the end of his season. Lol.
  21. Last 16 Games played: Baker 3828 YDS 22 TDs 3 RSH TD 21 INT 2 FUM 78.3 PASS RTG 41 SACKS 34 COMMERCIALS All drama Darnold 3785 YDS 24 TDS 2 RUSH TD 13 INT 4 FUM 95.75 PASS RTG 42 SACKS 0 COMMERCIALS No drama
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