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  1. With the 130th Pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select... James Morgan QB Florida International @BroadwayRayis OTC @Wonderboyis On Deck
  2. Happy bday @Patriot Killa In honor of your day and your name... I made you a picture lol.
  3. This cannot be talked about enough. He is finding value. I think this is going to translate nicely to the draft.
  4. Man it felt good to finally make a pick after waiting 2 rounds basically AND get the guy I was targeting lol.
  5. With the 88th pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the New Orleans Saints select... Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina @Wonderboyis OTC @BroadwayRayis on deck
  6. I never said there will be players there. I said you will just see Goodell speaking from a podium on a very limited set. Limited team personnel will operate from their own locations, phoning picks in (like they already do anyways). ESPN personalities will all be on green screens talking draft from their homes (like they do on half the shows already anyways) Players will all stay at home and may even have cameras in their homes for limited number of first rounders. (Like half of them do anyways) The NFL will still keep this as an event for fans to watch, Goodell even directly said so in his memo to the teams yesterday, that they thought the fans needed to see this.
  7. The NFL will never allow that. It will still be a studio production on a very limited set, and you will probably just see Goodell at the podium. ESPN will still do their draft shows remotely.
  8. It's been 71.5 years since I made my last pick... and @choon328is taking his sweet time right in front of me. Fun lol.
  9. This lost all credibility at 2nd round pick. I didn't even read past that.
  10. Definitely not. He hasnt proven anything yet.
  11. Man I've been sitting here waiting for the 3rd round too lol. Why did I pick the Saints lol.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Did one of those draft sims last night, one that's a bit more accurate than the other ones. This is what I wound up with...
  13. Less to do with Robby, more to do with the agent. Make the Panthers look like they got a wise investment and to save face for his poor handling of Robbys FA. I imagine other players are looking at this agent with caution now that he didnt get Robby the pay day he wanted. So spew out a bunch of positive spin about Robby wanting to play for a good coach yadda yadda, willing to take less money.
  14. I actually agree with this take. In no way, shape, or form, does this mesh with the type of contracts JD has been handing out. This sounds more like Robbys agent saving face and definitely has the tinge of Manish Mheta behind it.
  15. For sure. Obrien grades are hilarious and well deserved.
  16. Michael Pittman Jrs Girlfriend got him the 6th spot in my book.
  17. For what it's worth, from Walter Football...
  18. It is fair to have an opinion but that opinion can be such a bad take. Do you truly believe a large portion of people watching the NFL of all sports want their team to be white at the expense of good players, simply because... "racism" ? I'm fairly sure I'm interpreting your comment correctly, I could be wrong.
  19. Disinformation season. This is the type of thing someone whispers to Jeremiah because they want Lamb/Jeudy to fall.
  20. @GREENBEAN I smell next years comp pick!
  21. Idk about "way better" but he is better. I really dont think the dude can play to his level anymore.
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