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  1. I actually am. No almost about it. Flacco isnt the answer for the future, and not too many other ways to get you all to realize it.
  2. You Flacco dweebs are all crashing down to Earth now lol
  3. Y'all keep wondering why Ulbrich and the D suck. He is only a middle man. Simple. It. Is. Saleh.
  4. That sideline dust up between Quinnen and others was a very bad reflection of the leadership. Its unraveling after 1 quarter.
  5. This team is simply the New York Wilson Vs the Bengals.
  6. That dust up on the Jets sideline is SUPER damning of Saleh and Ulbrich leadership.
  7. That was the exact call that should have been made.
  8. Mims can barely catch a roster spot let alone a contested TD.
  9. Carter is fun to watch but damn I wish they would let Breece run it more.
  10. No refs have it in for the Jets. We generally dont need their help to suck. But you are correct, he turned and tucked it away. That was a fumble.
  11. You have to be good in the first place to suck...again.
  12. Saleh with the hot knife through butter defensive strategy.
  13. A sign that we are winning the Super Bowl, or a sign that Zach has Namath's knees? You can look at this either way.
  14. Most likely lol. Coincidentally, also where half the forum gets their outlook on the Jets from.
  15. The vast majority of the fan base wants Zach to start. I dont pretend that the majority wants Saleh fired, unlike the people here that want Zach to sit.
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