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  1. 40 minutes ago, PepPep said:

    You cannot bench Zach now.

    (Yes..you can)

    Say what you will about the team winning despite him- but he got you here.

    (No. He didnt on his own shoulders)

    White has not put anything on tape or on his resume that justifies trotting him out there.

    (Bengals game)

    If Zach had a true melt-down against the Pats, sure, I could understand that. But he didn't.

    (Yes, he did. Twice now. Your definition of meltdown is just lacking)

    You say its mental and he needs to sit to re-calibrate but I don't buy that.

    (You're wrong, it is mental AND he cant do)

    He just had a great, controlled, smart, efficient game where he showed good decision making against a stellar defense and one of the best teams in the NFL (Bills).

    (That was the previous game, and they won because the D put the clamps on a top 2 offense/top 2 QB)

    How quickly we forget. How could it be this mental block that forces him to the bench for White of all people- a guy who has thrown multiple INTs in every game he has started for the Jets

    (White also throws multiple TDs in a game, something Zach cant do)

    when Zach just in his last game had no mental block and played great to beat a great team.

    (Again, didnt play great, he played OK in that game, and that's being generous)

    Bottom line, he had a bad game,

    (Bad career)

    the conditions were tough

    (Not for Mac Jones who was in the EXACT same conditions, with worse talent around him)

    BB outcoached us- AGAIN. But Zach is the best we got right now (which yes, is bad),

    (No. He is not, this is false by every statistical metric)

    he needs to pick himself up, brush himself off, move on to the Bears and get a W. The Jets CS are committed to him for the rest of this season.

    (That's their doom)

    The only thing that will land Zach on the bench is him completely melting down or the team completely melting down.

    (The gauge for this is at critical mass as we speak)    

    A point by point breakdown in bold of the most false statements I have ever read in a single long winded paragraph. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, 92ShaunEllis92 said:

    Ha! Favre was had for a 3rd and a conditional 5th rounder. Rodgers can be had for a 4th rounder and change. 

    And their cap space is a huge issue with his contract. They dont have much leverage other than him being a hall of famer that's at 50% of himself. 

    If we could get 10% of Rodgers on this team, we would be a contender. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    Yeah, this team is ready to win now - and has a pretty small window with this much talent on these contracts.

    if Zach's not your guy - then you do whatever you can, spend as much as you can, to get the best vet you can.   

    All in for Aaron Rodgers. **** it. 

    Give up the 1st rounders, eat some contract. 

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