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  1. Congratulations. Just because you personally thought so doesnt mean it wasnt common sense to think Winters should have been better. Good on you for trusting a gut feeling back then, but based off of paper and body of work, you should have been wrong.
  2. File this under no sh*t. As if most of us didnt see this coming 5 minutes before we made the pick.
  3. Weird. I literally just read the same article and came here to mention it. Really sad and I feel terrible for the parents, especially after they took her to the hospital and she didnt get diagnosed quickly. Has to be no worse of a feeling. Can you imagine if Sam would have actually passed away? I cannot fathom.
  4. It was absolutely reasonable at the time. Virtually the entire football world thought the Kalil move was great and he was a few year removed Pro Bowler, regardless of injury. On any normal day he should have been better than Harrison even if he was 50% the player he used to be. But apparently we got 5%, same goes with Osemele. And for anyone to say they expected Compton to outperform Winters is ludicrous. Winters may not be good but he had way more starting experience than Compton.
  5. Yeah but it's one thing to judge a player if he got a DUI, beat his wife, or any number of reasons to miss games. It's another thing entirely to judge a player for getting Mono of all things. He didnt actively choose to get it. We wouldnt judge the player if he got food poisoning from something he ate, this isnt any different.
  6. For the life of me I still cannot understand how Garrett made it to the end of that game after the hits he put on Siemian.
  7. Fair enough, let me rephrase. It stands to reason our team would have undoubtedly been better than what it currently is.
  8. I get that we understood these players were not all world Pro Bowlers, we can all agree on that. They weren't a great lineup to begin with. With that being said, at the start of the season, if not due to injury and based off their bodies of work, it would have been absolutely reasonable to see the following: Williamson play better than Cashman Mosley play better than Burgess Johnson play better than Austin Winters play better than Compton Kalil play better than Harrison Herndon play better than Griffen Enunwa play better than Thomas (debatable). So it stands to reason, if these players did actually play, and play to the potential people thought, we would have a winning record.
  9. Portis famously lost his entire fortune. 40 mil down the drain. He almost killed someone after he went bankrupt.
  10. Any unbiased logical person would have assumed Osemele and Kalil would have been adequate, Trumaine wouldnt be nearly as bad as he was, Enunwa would provide at minimum 75% his level of previous play, Moseley and Williamson would play the entire year, Herndon would come back from suspension and play at least OK, and Darnold wouldnt have Mono. Nobody, neither you, nor I, nor the coaching staff could have foreseen any of these events unfolding the way they did AND at virtually the same time. I'm not a Gase apologist by any means, but I am fair and understand how to read between lines and see the picture for what it is. No team would have overcame this series of events at these positions. None.
  11. Missing the point entirely. We have 11 starters that went on IR almost immediately to begin the season. HALF of our starting team lol. Gase and Douglas havent even had a full season/nor offseason to work in unison. If you were working at Walmart and half your staff called out sick for 5 months, you called in your part time employees to work more, your lead supervisor needed off for 3 weeks, and it's your first 13 weeks on the job.... ... Guess what, your customer ratings are going to go down quickly, things wont get stocked, people will make more mistakes, and your customers are going to look at you like WTF is happening and wrongfully not care about the why behind it. This is no different.
  12. Good lord. It is absolutely apparent that Darnold got mono from your girlfriend, wife, or daughter. You seriously going to take this angle?
  13. Take the top 2 teams in the league for example. Imagine SF being without starters - CB Sherman, ILB Warner, ILB Greenlaw, G Tomlinson, C Richburg, WR Sanders, TE Kittle, and Jimmy G out 3 games. ...They certainly would not be 11-2 by any means. Would be lucky to be 6-7. Imagine BALT being without starters - CB Peters, ILB Onwuasor, ILB Bynes, G Yanada, C Skura, WR Brown, TE Andrews, and Lamar out 3 games. ...They also, would not be 11-2 by any means. Would be lucky to be 7-6. The notions that Gase and Darnold should just "step it up" or "great coaches and players overcome injury bugs" or "great coaches and quarterbacks raise everyone up" is just ridiculous.
  14. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/injured-reserve/ 1-Miami 2-NYJ 3-Washington Directly shows that injuries are part of teams failures and it's not all on healthy players and coaches. Best teams have least injured, worst teams have the most. Ours is by FAR the worst cap wise due to how many of ours are actual starters. Hate to go there, but this is why we have a losing record. Not Gase, not ownership, not Darnold, not Bell, we just got beat the F up this year.
  15. Huge difference in key starters versus role players each year. We have over 11 starters this year on IR.
  16. Effin love this movie. "Now go away! I fart in your general direction" Lol classic.
  17. This would fall on the strength and conditioning coach before Gase. Justus Galac has been our guy for like 8 years and historically during his tenure we have been one of the best teams at avoiding the injury bug except for this year. However... I would say that he hasn't done a good job on the actual strength development of our players. Guys like Leo Williams, Q, and a few others could have developed better in the gym and maybe translated to the field.
  18. Current running tally for NFL/ESPN paid shills trying to advance the narrative that this incident was just a random accident. Adam Schefter Mike Florio Skip Bayless Ryan Clark Update as neccesary...
  19. That's exactly the part that gets me. Everyone hangs off BBs nuts for being the smartest coach in the league and knowing the rulebook better than anyone. Then he says yesterday "we didnt KNOWINGLY break any rules". How does anyone in a professional level believe that?
  20. Wish everyone on this board could come to a civilized mutual agreement to stop before it goes too far like we just did lol.
  21. I can assure you that's a dead end argument. I've lived in over 16-20 different countries, economically similar to the US and not, and I promise you, you're safer here than anywhere in the entire world. But im not going to get into that debate on this forum because it's going to get political and I would rather neither of us get banned, so let's agree to disagree whole heartedly.
  22. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/10/common-sense-likely-will-prevail-in-spygate-2/ PR Spin machine already in full force. First it was Schefter and now Florio. NFL working its magic.
  23. Everyone around the world loves killing each other, not exclusive to America. Man is inherently violent and will always find a way to murder, be it firearms, knives, or the first rock used to beat someone's head in.
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