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  1. 1 hour ago, SAR I said:

    Not only that, but it's "cluster" injuries, injuries all happening at the same positions on the team.  OL, LB, WR, TE, Secondary, for awhile QB, now RB, it's not like its spread out.  It's hitting hard and deep.  When we're putting our 4th TE and our 11th LB on the field, something's wrong.

    SAR I

    Take the top 2 teams in the league for example. 

    Imagine SF being without starters

    - CB Sherman, ILB Warner, ILB Greenlaw, G Tomlinson, C Richburg, WR Sanders, TE Kittle, and Jimmy G out 3 games. 

    ...They certainly would not be 11-2 by any means. Would be lucky to be 6-7.  

    Imagine BALT being without starters 

    - CB Peters, ILB Onwuasor, ILB Bynes, G Yanada, C Skura, WR Brown, TE Andrews, and Lamar out 3 games. 

    ...They also, would not be 11-2 by any means. Would be lucky to be 7-6. 


    The notions that Gase and Darnold should just "step it up" or "great coaches and players overcome injury bugs" or "great coaches and quarterbacks raise everyone up" is just ridiculous.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    Would be interesting to see how this compares league wide.





    Directly shows that injuries are part of teams failures and it's not all on healthy players and coaches. Best teams have least injured, worst teams have the most. 

    Ours is by FAR the worst cap wise due to how many of ours are actual starters. Hate to go there, but this is why we have a losing record. Not Gase, not ownership, not Darnold, not Bell, we just got beat the F up this year. 

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  3. 11 minutes ago, shawn306 said:

    Number of guys who finished the season on IR the last couple of years

    2015 = 8   Ironically the last time the Jets had a good year. 
    2016 = 15
    2017 = 16
    2018 = 13
    2019 = 14 and climbing ?

    Huge difference in key starters versus role players each year. We have over 11 starters this year on IR.

  4. This would fall on the strength and conditioning coach before Gase. Justus Galac has been our guy for like 8 years and historically during his tenure we have been one of the best teams at avoiding the injury bug except for this year. 

    However... I would say that he hasn't done a good job on the actual strength development of our players. Guys like Leo Williams, Q, and a few others could have developed better in the gym and maybe translated to the field. 

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  5. 24 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    They want us to believe that an organization that is meticulous about every little detail about everything just made a giant bone head error like this? After they've already gone through spygate? 

    Is anyone with a brain buying that? FOH

    That's exactly the part that gets me. Everyone hangs off BBs nuts for being the smartest coach in the league and knowing the rulebook better than anyone.

    Then he says yesterday "we didnt KNOWINGLY break any rules". 

    How does anyone in a professional level believe that? 

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    You might want to look at murder and mass murder rates of other, economically and educationally similar, first world countries.  




    I can assure you that's a dead end argument. I've lived in over 16-20 different countries, economically similar to the US and not, and I promise you, you're safer here than anywhere in the entire world.

    But im not going to get into that debate on this forum because it's going to get political and I would rather neither of us get banned, so let's agree to disagree whole heartedly. 

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  7. 40 minutes ago, Warfish said:

    Fixed your post.  

    Sadly. :(

    We Americans simply love to shoot each other as often as possible, and always have.  Some of the events just get alot more coverage than they used to (and many, the same amount of non-coverage they used to, also sadly).


    Everyone around the world loves killing each other, not exclusive to America. Man is inherently violent and will always find a way to murder, be it firearms, knives, or the first rock used to beat someone's head in. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, BUM-KNEE said:

    Many, many NFL fans think the game is not on the level. Fans would actually start trusting the league again if something was done about Krafty and Co.

    No way. 

    Dont you remember what happened with MLB and the late 90s doping scandals? McGuire, Sosa, etc. Their ratings tanked for a long while, people didnt suddenly start tuning into more games and thank MLB for exposing those guys. It only reinforces the idea that cheating exists. 

    Basically it validates that people have wasted their money for the last 2 decades, so why continue to spend on a product that is proven to be corrupt? 

    Most of us on this board would motor on because let's face it, if you're reading this board, you're a die hard fan, however most fans are casual, and it doesnt take much for them to choose to spend their money elsewhere. 

    People barely turn out for some games during bad weather, or losing seasons, can you imagine the amount that wouldnt show up if they knew their team never had/may never have a legitimate fair shot? 

    The NFL would lose billions over night.

  9. Just now, Philc1 said:

    Is that why Chris Herndon gets a four week suspension meanwhile Tyreek Hill gets nothing

    Actual criminal charges are why Herndon got suspended and Hill did not. 

    There is a difference between being on video, getting arrested for DUI and pleading guilty as opposed to merely being accused of a crime. 

    This isnt a defense of Hill by any means, I think he is a scumbag, but two different things. 

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  10. 17 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    While I agree with that, the problem is that they were using EXACTLY the same method to cheat as in Spygate and based on what I am seeing this will go very viral. I am not sure if sweeping it under the rug again, OR coming down ultra hard and I mean ultra hard on the Patriots is the best way to save the NFL image. If it was some other completely unrelated new allegation it is one thing, but just as the Patriots look vulnerable they literally start taping again. Banning Belichick, and forcing Kraft to sell is not unreasonable, you may have to treat this just like the black sox scandal. The NFL should also fire Goddell over this.


    11 minutes ago, Scott Dierking said:

    This shows a lack of institutional control. Even if BB did not know about it, and they were caught doing something they should not have been, and it is similar as before, the punishments should be:

    -BB suspended for a year (If Sean Payton can be suspended a year for bounties, this deserves at least that punishment).

    -BB fined $1m (formerly he was fined $500k)

    -Losing first 3 draft picks 2010 draft, 1st round 2021 (formerly forfeited 1st round draft pick).

    This would be going soft

    I wish all the above would happen. 

    But again, the NFL is going to do everything they can to make this go away without  going nuclear on their own product.

    I see them getting dinged their next 1st rounder, a few more picks, Kraft and BB fined again. 

    I also see them forcing Belicheck to retire, which would be no different than a suspension. 

  11. 1 minute ago, Scott Dierking said:

    If this has substance there will be long term suspensions, and multiple high round draft picks along with huge fines. 

    I agree there should be severe punishment, draft picks, suspensions, or fines. 

    Admitting that they have been doing this since day 1 and taking their SuperBowl wins away wont happen though. 

    Personally, I think they should simply be denied entrance into Canton. 

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Lupz27 said:

    Actually that’s just not enough, the Pats need to have their rings taken away like the NCAA does, and Belicheck should be banned for life.  Scumbag.

    This is never going to happen. 100% no use even thinking it would. 

    I wish it would but thinking logically the NFL wont go there, it cant go there. 

    Admitting so would tear down the NFL as you know it. Fans would lose all trust that it's a fair product on the field, and that trust is already shaky as it is with just the allegations and bad officiating. 

    They will get docked draft picks as they always do. PR machine will go into full effect. Story will fade away. 


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  13. 1 hour ago, Xtina said:

    You know, if Lance Armstrong could be knocked off his perch, maybe it’s not so unthinkable... 

    While I hope and agree to an extent, Armstong answered to an international cycling committee who were/are notorious for turning their nose up to Americans. The entire sport of cycling was doping at that time from top to bottom but they saw a chance to knock an American down. 

    This is a bit different. If the extent of the Patriots cheating scandals were ever exposed, it would systematically destroy the NFL as we know it, fans would give it up, sponsors would bail, and nobody would ever bet on a game again. 

    Vegas and the NFL will never allow that. 

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