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  1. I'm not demanding he be drafted, but Edge and DT are different positions, yes I would prefer we go offense for damn sure. I've been one of the most vocal people on here bashing Williams, I get it. However, Espenaza looks and plays like an alpha male beast of a man while Q looks like he wears a diaper and uses a pacifier instead of a mouthpiece. Big difference.
  2. I would not be upset at all if we selected Espeneza. Looks real deal to me. This is the first time I've seen him play other than highlights.
  3. Damn good game so far too. Slovis is going to be a great QB for a few years.
  4. Anyone watching the game? AJ Espeneza can come play for the Jets any time. Man is a beast. Some possible Jets targets in this game: - AJ Espeneza - Tristan Wirfs - Michael Pittman Jr
  5. They could be signing him specifically for tactical reasons, considering the NFL might/might not allow him to play anyways. Keep him out of other opponents hands so he cant be used against you.
  6. I assume you are going to omit the Pats SBs?
  7. Not sure if Robby is into that kind of stuff, but ok Neophyte lol
  8. Its not that simple. IR list for those teams: Jets - 20 Players at 60 Mil / 9 starters Panthers - 15 players at 54 Mil / 5 starters Steelers - 9 Players at 44 Mil / 2 starters Broncos - 16 players at 41 Mil / 5 starters Jags - 19 Players at 34 Mil / 4 starters There is a world of difference in those situations. We have almost twice as many starters on IR as any of those teams and most of ours happened earlier in the season.
  9. Gotta agree based off of a young Alicia Silverstone alone...
  10. Almost pissed myself here lol ...
  11. Adam Gase thinks Epstein killed himself
  12. Found an early copy of tomorrow's paper.
  13. Could this possibly be someone that baited Manish into a career ending story? That would be the biggest Xmas present for all Jets fans.
  14. Maybe because he graduated with a BA from Michigan State while Durant had a sports scholarship to play 1 year semi-pro basketball before leaving for the NBA? On the average most coaches in sports are smarter than the players. I dont think this is some world breaking type of news to everyone. Trash Gase all you want but the man is clearly smarter than Durant, smart people do dumb things sometimes yes, but to me it's pretty clear everyone is latching on to this completely fabricated story solely because they actually WANT there to be negative news about Gase.
  15. And I guess everyone is just going to ignore the fact this account was created this month? If he were going to do this, I think it's more likely it would be during the middle of a losing streak? Not when we are on the end of a 5-2 stretch lol.
  16. You think Kevin Durant and Adam Gase are equally intelligent?
  17. Are you a burner account for Kyrie Irving?
  18. Anyone believing this is the equivalent of a flat Earth believer.
  19. 100% Let's say he plays and wins just 2 of those games. Just 2. Then the whole season has a different light.
  20. So let me get this straight, We are led to believe that Adam Gase, he who hasn't given two sh*ts about criticism in any press conference this year, is secretly weaseling his way around twitter trying to defend his honor? Never mind that twitter comments from some random Twitter user are extremely unlikely to get any traction anyways. The man has the ability to leak his side to any reporter he wants thats hungry for dirt on the team. Why the hell would he bother going this route. B*tch please lol. People gotta try harder than this to dig up dirt on someone.
  21. ... and this would actually be a plot twist? Sounds exactly like something Manish would do.
  22. They will take another next year too. Goff's contract is choking them. They made a run for high priced vets the last 2 years and are paying the piper now. Basically they are going to be us at the end of the Tanenbaum area next year.
  23. They said mostly all starters who are healthy will be playing. Hope we crush them early and send them into the playoffs demoralized.
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