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  1. I understand that and yeah I dont relish raining on peoples parade contrary to what some on here want to believe. Typically I aire on the side of positivity but just slightly. I stick with every single game until the broadcast ends and I'm in the game thread until the end.
  2. I've accepted the status of "Pariah of the day", a title borrowed momentarily from @T0mShane. Im cool with it. I understand people dont want the bigger picture talk and have been starved for a win (of any kind). I just wont back down from my angle. I've been a Jets fan too long to know that proclaiming this a "turning point" like others are doing so here is fools gold and 10 out of 10 times doesnt stand the test of a 17 game season. Very happy with the win, but ultimately its irrelevant in the grander scheme when it wasnt by our franchise QB... (again).
  3. It's like people have selective amnesia. This is the EXACT sentiment the forum had after the Bengals game last year, lots of the same posts, and we went 2-8 after that game. Theres plenty of people saying Saleh is a great coach, and that a corner has been turned, etc. FFS theres an entire thread dedicated to Max Mitchell who by most measures was mediocre. Unfortunately the reality is that we won the game not because of our great coaching, but because of the other team's poor coaching in the last 2 minutes. I truly think there is a huge difference there. It's not being a wet blanket, its living on planet Earth and not floating in green clouds. The Jets do this stuff to us every year.
  4. It's either black or white with most of this forum. If you criticize things, you're an evil Jet hater. The chain of events that had to happen for this win was mind boggling. A good coach, even a mediocre coach generally doesnt need to rely on another team's MASSIVE ineptitude and bad fortune to win a game. Saleh is currently 5-14 as our head coach, that is all that matters until we... A - String together wins where we play complimentary football for 4 quarters. B - Show massive improvement at the QB position and not rely on a fluke Flacco game. C - Make the playoffs.
  5. I relent. If anyone else asked, I would ignore it and most likely quintuple down. In all seriousness, I was happy when the win happened and I am still happy. Just have bigger frustrations with the team.
  6. There was a day I used to be opposed to your thought process. Past tense. I'm firmly #teamtommyshane now. Haterz.
  7. That stat is only relevant to the final 2 minutes of the game. There have been plenty more impressive 4th quarter comebacks that didnt rely on the opponents ineptitude. FFS a more impressive comeback literally happened today.
  8. We have stooped to nicknaming a week 2 win that got us to 1-1. Boy how low has our bar been set.
  9. The fire JD thread is still very relevant until/if winning seasons start happening.
  10. But the old adage rings true. You are what your record says you are.
  11. The fix is in everywhere. Lids even taking immediate advantage of Jets fans high emotions.
  12. This is where level headed conversation leads. I agree for the most part except for the growth of Saleh, we are 19 games in his tenure and it doesnt look good overall.
  13. You're putting words in my mouth. I never said I didnt enjoy it. I'm just being realistic about the totality of the last 2 years and not caught up in 1 week.
  14. I like this take. You're ultimately right for the game today. I still have serious doubts moving forward though.
  15. This won the day. Great episode.
  16. That defense allowed Jacoby Brissett to look like Russell Wilson. We should have won this game by 2 TDs.
  17. That's fair as well. But like I've said, I wont be happy until this guy is at minimum above .500
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