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  1. 24 minutes ago, Gibby said:

    Okay- this one is a bridge too far. Ryan Leaf? He needs work for sure- but no.


    15 minutes ago, Mario said:

    Cmon. You start throwing out Leaf or Jamarcus Russell comparisions you are just trolling. 

    Not exactly. At the rate he is currently playing... he is most certainly making a moderately close comparison here. 


    Wilson  - 18 games
    291 of 525 (55.4%) for 3382 yards 12 TDs 16 INTs

    Leaf - 25 games
    315 of 655 (48.4%) for 3666 yards 14 TDs 36 INTs


    We will see in about 7 more games. 

  2. 24 minutes ago, football guy said:

    I share the same sentiments you draw, just don't have a definitive conclusion. I also think that you acknowledge you have an opinion, and you're reaching a conclusion that could wind up premature, or that the team doesn't share the same perspectives for different reasons. Many who stick their post in the stand right now seek to annoyingly disagree and are waiting to say "I told you so", yet they have no skin in the game other than their own emotional state so if wind up being wrong, they just pretend they weren't and find something else to be polarized about.

    It's like some of the Giants fans I know who were enormous Eli Manning haters and dogged him for his entire career until he retired. Now they pretend they never gave up on the player, yet their target went from Eli to Daniel Jones. Like the Zach situation, I have felt too many fans lack context and they had jumped to conclusions on him and it's helped that I happen to know people who work in that building close to him because I get some deeper perspective on him. If you even hinted at Daniel Jones being in their long-term plans prior to the season, the loudmouths in their fan base and in the media would've said burn the franchise to the ground. Fast forward to now: How many fans/media members are apologizing for their ice cold takes? That's not to say that Daniel has proven to be a franchise QB, but the coaches are thrilled about his development because of his play within the offense - not the stats. He's been nicknamed "the $120 million dollar man" by some on their staff because it's pretty much an open secret that he'll get a short-term contract to see how much more they can develop him after the season. But I digress. The point is that fans should be frustrated or elated but after emotions settle realize there's no point to overreact one way or another. Zach can go out and throw 5 TDs and beat the Bills next week... it will make people feel great, and you'll have annoying fans on that side of the fence going "I told you so", but the reality is if that happened it's still not going to change the plan, it's not going to change his career outlook or ultimate result other than making people feel good about him and tone out the haters... it's a long process and we're still at the beginning of it. 

    I get what you're saying and it is definitely a long process, and longer for one of the youngest QBs in the league that comes from a place like BYU. 

    I generally hold my post in the ground for so long and then know when to relent, I was avid that JD had to go prior to this current draft class, posted in the fire JD thread like my skull was going to explode, then this draft happened and I'm happily willing to let him continue (for a time), same with Saleh (Hell, I even started the fire Saleh thread), but have since relented after seeing the defense realize its potential.

    With all that being said, I will ALWAYS eviscerate anyone and everyone in the Sunday game thread, no holds barred, take no prisoners, no women and children off the boat first, nada. Gameday? If Zach, Saleh, or JD rub me the wrong way, better watch out, I'll be out for blood. 

    sword blade GIF by BBQ Films

    Monday through Saturday are another story though. 

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  3. 14 minutes ago, football guy said:

    The bulk of you just use this platform to whine and be miserable

    People on here tend to think that the forum is a reflection of the total fanbase, it most certainly is not. 

    These forums attract the most fervent of fans that want and need to talk about the Jets 24/7 (myself included) both positively and negatively, but that is about .0005% of the totality of the fan base. 

    This forum is certainly split on Zach, but the mass of the fanbase (the normies so to speak) are mostly still positive on him, although yesterday was a huge tipping point for a bulk of those normies, and the media certainly started turning on him, Orlovsky/Eisen/Etc. 

    Personally, I gave up on him after the dumb preseason injury. I think yesterday was the point of no return, and tend to trust what I'm seeing with my own two eyes on the field. Maybe he is perfect in practice and in the film room but it's not showing up on the field outside of managing a team with a dominant run game, but that's not sustainable long term in this league. 

    As much as I wanted Zach to succeed, I just dont see it happening anymore. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Adoni Beast said:

    None of those picks were defensively schemed mastermind trap designs.

    Just a complete mental meltdown by our QB. If he just calms down, checks it down, runs for a gain of 2, throw it away (PROPERLY!) he'll be alright and we win yesterday.

    But but but, if, maybe, if, but, could have, would have, should have, maybe, but...

    Gotta leave that sh*t at the door. Scheme or no scheme, the NE players still put their hands on the ball and snatched that sh*t right out of the air on Zach. 

    It's his fault AND NE played him like a fiddle. He was sh*te. 

  5. I can't agree on the math here. 

    JD = .5 (some really great picks peppered in there but totally whiffed on Zach and the entirety of 2020 draft)

    Saleh = .5 (clearly picks and chooses whom he holds accountable and when, piss poor adjustments)

    Zach = 0 (nuff said)

    So 1 out of 3. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

    Saleh and Co. were not exposed today.  Zach Wilson was.

    They were all exposed. 

    Zach for sucking as usual. Saleh and Co. For not doing anything about it proactively.. as usual. 

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  7. 6 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Mike White becoming the QB will sink this franchise for another five years ... He will play better than Zach ... Safe .. noodle ball. I just hope if the Jets switch to White .. they immediately start trying to figure out which QB to draft next spring.

    Sent from my Pixel 7 using Tapatalk

    Zach is already currently sinking us for 5 years. 

    Switching to White right TF now, sets sh*t in motion to get a vet in here next season. 

    What, you think they are going to switch to White and then back to Zach next season? Lol

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  8. 5 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    2) The defense was a bigger problem than Zach today.    Sometimes I wonder if you guys watch the games or just read a stat line.

    FG's or not - the Pats moved the ball every time they wanted to and were almost unstoppable on 3rd downs


    Were you trying to contradict yourself on purpose here? 

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  9. Just now, T0mShane said:

    You knew when the pro-Zach people started getting super-hostile that they knew this was coming. The bottom is falling out for them.

    I think the fact the rest of the team looks great makes it sting even more for them. 

    I suspect we are 5-5 by the end of the next 2 games and we will start getting more locker room grumbling about Zach, other than Moore. 

    That's when this forum will get REALLY good. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, Big_Slick said:

    I mean Zach is so bad I can't see how a GM - a guy with 15 years NFL scouting experience can pick a guy so bad as Zach. While ignoring the all the red flags - small school - no comp - all the flags.

    I don't trust this fat turd to set the course of the Jets for the next 5 years.

    Trust me I get it. 

    I've been one of the most loyal posters on the "Fire Joe Douglas" thread, but you can't deny this current draft class and AVT and both Michael Carters from last year. 

    I'm sorta fine giving him a shot at a QB, AS LONG as Woody gives him some parameters. 

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