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  1. The only defense I could say for Darnold is that the plays designed in the framework of the offense did not work. The pressure was getting to Darnold before the WRs turned their head. That said there is zero reason he should throw those balls.
  2. Sam Darnold is the worst starting QBs in the NFL right now (stats don’t lie). He may be good one day, but right now he’s a baddy.
  3. Anderson is a one trick pony, but his one trick can you win you a playoff game. Put him with a QB who can play and I think he’s successful.
  4. I would have to say Sams is not the worst I have seen. I’ll go with Geno Smiths 3INT performance in the first quarter vs the Bills.
  5. Jacksonville dominated Darnold and the offense last year. Why would it be any different?
  6. Some solid options to compete with Sam Mariota, Winston, Tannehill, Teddy Bridgewater I much rather go this route in free agency and use draft capital on OL and WR
  7. What’s there to discuss? They are going to lose.
  8. I remember Jeff Garcia had a 0 QBR with the browns
  9. See you in three weeks Sam. I hope he doesn’t play vs the Giants.
  10. The Jets are putting way too much on the plate of a 22 year old QB, and certainly don’t have a good infrastructure around him. That said his performance yesterday was as bad as I’ve seen in a long time. Take the sack if you need to, but he killed the team last night with his turnovers.
  11. I’m taking the approach that Darnold is a bust until further notice.
  12. Brady won a super bowl by then lol. BB exposed Darnolds flaws for the league to see. It will be interesting to see if he can adjust.
  13. I think last night most rational Jets fan saw the writing on the wall that Darnold is not a franchise QB. Call it an overreaction, but in a league where second year QBs are doing amazing things ours just turned in one of the worst performances I have ever seen. With that said I have zero interest in taking another QB high in round 1. This organization sucks as drafting & developing QBs. The WRs and OL are bigger problems than Darnold.
  14. Well after last week they took a beating as folks thought Darnold solved all problems.
  15. I guess they weren’t as bad as everyone made them out to be.
  16. How about Manish who said Darnold was better than Brady?
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